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  • Stealth453

    For once I am speachless.

    I share your pain!

  • lisavegas420
  • Crumpet
    And when you've lost your most valuable possesion, everything else is gravy on an empty plate - pointless.

    A marvellous way of putting it Richie. I know how you feel - its been years and years and years now and I still miss my mum and dad and little sisters. The rejection is pretty awful and I also worry when I'm not thinking how much they "hate" me that the grief and loss must be awful for them. Then again they believe they are doing something for the higher good and perhaps that is a consolation and plus they have each other.

    Richie I hope and pray that one day that your mother will listen with open heart and ears to you. I can only imagine how devastating it would be to lose a son like you.


  • Legolas

    Richie....You should send that as a note/letter to your mom!

  • carla

    sorry Richie. Lovely poem, damn cult.

  • parakeet

    Like you, my one huge regret in leaving the JW cult is the pain it caused my mother. She can't (won't?) understand that staying would have killed me.

  • arwen

    hi Richie dear, I agree with Legolas, send her a beautiful letter with your deepest feelings. Do not talk about religion at all just your love for her. My second son and I had a major falling out when I was a JW and we were both so upset we didn't speak. We started leaving letters for each other and worked it out. He didn't know some things about me and I didn't know some of his feelings. Once we both knew we deeply loved each other no matter what we could work it out. It took time and his moving out but we have a wonderful relationship today. There is no greater love than that of a mother and her child. She would treasure your words of love for her even if she is really pissed off at you. Love you Richie, Arwen

  • delilah

    {{{{{{{{{{ Richie}}}}}}}}}}} you said,"And when you've lost your most valuable possesion, everything else is gravy on an empty plate - pointless

    Very well written. I understand your pain. The words my mother spoke to me when we left the borg, were this," I got the truth, so my babies could have a chance to live forever, not in this old sick and dying world. But in a paradise. It hurts my heart, to see them not want that for themselves. You are still my babies, and always will be".

    Our mothers believe it SO whole-heartedly, it breaks them up to think that we don't believe the same as they do. They don't see through the lies of the WT, like we do.

    Your mom loves you, Richie. That's why she is so angry...her heart is breaking. But, there comes a time, when we must be true to ourselves. If we don't believe it, then we don't believe it. Hurt as it may, our parents have to realize that we are grown ups now, and have to forge our own paths in life.

    I hope she gets over her pain enough to accept your decisions, and gets on with her relationship with you Richie. Life is much too short.

    With much love to you....Delilah

  • garybuss

    My dad would say, you hurt your mother with your honesty. I'd reply, no, my mother was hurt by my honesty. There's a difference. My purpose in her life was to protect her dishonesty. That's not love, that's manipulation.

  • juni

    Hi Richey.

    This is what unconditional love is all about. Mom is only doing what she has been taught - conditional love.

    Speaking from a mom's point of view (I have 4 adult kids now), she DOES LOVE YOU. But she is in the hold of a cult who has said that she must behave this way to have a good relationship w/her Creator. I know she cries about this trying to seek a balance, but this religion doesn't allow for much latitude.

    Never stop loving her Richie. Do what you can to show her that you do.


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