From one cult to another

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  • JH

    I was the only JW in my family. By that I mean my parents never were JW nor was my sister, and I'm single.

    When I started fading back in the early 90's as a JW, my sister and her husband decided to start attending meetings with the Evangelists, then the Pentecostal religion, and then the Baptists. They're baptized in that religion. Even their 4 children are bapized in that religion.

    Although I tried back then to make my parents see that I had the truth they looked at a few books I brought over, but they never agreed with the JW beliefs because my parents and sister still think that Jesus is God. They have their interpretation of the rapture and so on. So the moment they saw that Jesus wasn't God almighty in our JW books, my parents didn't want to continue reading.

    So, finally my sister brought books from her religion to my parents every time she came over. She even brough over cassettes to listen to and videos about her religion to watch. She's been doing that since years, and it's finally paying off, since my mom told me today, that when my dad passes away from cancer in a few months from now, she will feel lonely and will want to attend these Baptist meetings.

    Since my dad won't be around soon, my parents are selling their house to a Baptist. He is my brother in law's brother. So, my mom is surrounded by baptists now.

    I surely don't want to join another cult. And when my dad passes away, my mom will be lonely, and she will surely be surrounded by many Baptists. They do help one another alot, she said, unlike what I told her about my experience with the JW's.

    In a way it scares me that she said she would like to attend their meetings when she won't have to take care of my dad anymore.

    Luckily they don't shun like JW's I guess I won't lose her completely. But then again, she loves me so much, that she will do her best to try to drag me into that religion, I can feel it.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    I empathise with your situation JH, being a jw for so long has put me off organised religion for life.

    I was the only jw in my family too, but fortunately none of my relatives are in another religion. My mum goes to church occasionally, but she never tries to get me to go.

  • yaddayadda

    Good on your Mom. What are you worried about?

  • JH

    My mom and dad are Catholics, but they see flaws in that religion. My dad is too sick to go to church and my mom takes care of my dad, so she doesn't go to church anymore.

    But although they are Catholics, and go to mass, they read a lot of books and booklets the Baptists give them.

    I guess that when my dad dies, my mom will want to fill a void and that new religion will be it. My sister tired so hard to give me pamphlets and books from her religion and I always refused because I was a JW. Now they know that I don't go to meetings anymore, they see me give blood, and many things I wouldn't have done before when I was a JW, so maybe they will try to get me too.

    Although they seem to have more love for one another than the JW's, I don't let emotions guide me when it comes to religion.

  • JH
    What are you worried about?

    I'm just worried that she will give too much of her energy to them, and that she wont be who she was prior to that.

    My mom is a good loving person and very emotional, and could get caught up very easily in a cult.

  • Warlock


    Are you afraid you are going to fall for it.................AGAIN?


  • JH

    Heck no, not me.

    I'M just afraid for her, that she wont be exactly the person I knew prior.

  • Warlock

    She will do what brings her the greatest comfort. I don't how much she might change, but if she became one of us, you KNOW she would change.


  • Satanus

    Most baptist strains aren't very cultic. Why not find out which brand has targetted your mother, and do some research on them?


  • sspo

    At least you can walk away from them and even tell them what you do not agree with and they will still love you and not shun you

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