Mexico and the WTS

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  • IronClaw

    Has the WTS ever answered the issue of Mexico?

    They have spent countless time and resources to shut down web sites. They have tried to answer the blood questions, the NGO questions, many other issues, but have they ever tried to answer the Mexican issue? Have they put anything in print about it. Have they ever denied it. Ray Franz puts it in pretty much detail with scanned letters too and from the Society, yet the WTS has never to my knowledge gone after Ray Franz for publishing this information. So my best guess is that the information must be correct otherwise you would think the WTS would have gone after this a long time ago.

    Any thoughts or info.

    The Claw ( of the inquiring minds want to know class )

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I can't remember ever hearing about the Mexican situation while I was in the wts. The first I really knew of it was when I read Crisis of Concience last year. It's obvious the society kept the information confidential when the events occurred, and it wouldn't really be in their interests to publish anything about it later. Inquiring minds might research it, and find how it was dealt with at the time.

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    What is the Mexican issue? I think I've missed something, or is this about Elders going to TJ and spending time with hookers? Handing out Awakes at the local Donkey shows? Buying cheap Viagra? Please tell me about the Mexican Issue?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    The Best of Mexico/Malawi

    I was shocked when I found out about Mexico and Malawi and that they occured at the same time. The real short story is that while JWs in Malawi were being killed raped and tortured over a 25 cents card the WTS gave the nod to JWs in Mexico bribing officials to get a card that stated they had served in the army.

    The reason? $$$$$$$

    Check out the link

  • seek2find

    Another issue was the work in Mexico was restricted for years because the org was registered as a "cultural orginization" rather than a religion so that they could own property there. Religions had to put their property in trust with the goverment. So property ownership took precessadance over freedom of worship. seek2find

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