Distric Convention

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  • Jankyn

    Whoa, that pic from the 1958 assembly gave me chills. That's where my parents took their honeymoon! No kidding. What a way to spend your honeymoon: driving across the country in a car w/no A/C and sleeping in a tent, then spending all day for 8 days listening to that crap.

  • brutusmaximus

    You think you had it bad!!??

    At the '69 International my folks took me down to Wembley Stadium in England but at the hotel they had no cots so I slept in a drawer how bad is that?? Ok I was 6 months but even still a drawer, jeez!!

    Great picture by the way big chap with 60 gallon hat on



  • Pistoff

    "ou got off light! Does anyone remember the International convention in '69? As I recall it was 8 days long. It started at 9:00 AM and got out at 9:00 PM. I was only 12 so I don't remember much of the content."

    OH yeah; Vancouver in '69. Sunburn baby; and I finally succumbed to that bodacious roller coaster. My friends thought it was thrill seeking...well duh.

    Don't forget to pick up your booklet reviewing the entire dam 8 days of the assembly.

    My favorite part, actually: rooming with worldly people. It was so cool. We stayed with a family at first, then got transferred to the dorms.

    We took the long way back to the midwest after that assembly; it was so good not to be in the seats anymore.

    Other memories: cheeseburgers! Right off the grill. Man, food used to be good in those days.

    ahh....good times.

  • undercover

    I remember the 7 day, 3 sessions per day conventions.

    Standing in line for breakfast in the food tent. You had to stand to eat. Eat and get out. They built plywood tables that were too tall for us kids to eat at.

    Sitting in the sun getting sunburnt.

    Irritable babies and toddlers crying because of the heat.

    The sound system was crude. It echoed and you couldn't understand anything they were saying(looking back, I guess that was a blessing).

    Having to do magazine work in the downtown area. My first DC was the first time I had been to a big city and here I was downtown in the hustle and bustle of activity, traffic rushing through, buses driving up over the curb as they took corners too short. I was just a country kid, I was petrified. I just wanted to go home.

    Then going back to the hotel and hoping to go play in the pool, but no, we had to get our sleep because we had a long day tomorrow.

    3 day conventions are nothing compared to the old days. Air conditioned, short sessions, and sure you have to bring our own food, but at least you have control on what you get to eat; even if it is considered bad form, you can even go out to eat if you want. The last session is over early enough to hang out at the pool or bar or go out and hit some hot spots. The last 3 day that I had to travel for, we hung out in the hotel bar till it closed each night and then slept through the morning sessions, sipping Gatorade every so often, to get over the hangover.

  • eyeslice

    undercover - hey I remember those as well.
    You have to admit though, generalluy, they were pretty well organised. I don't think they could do the same today - brothers and sisters just don't have the same commitment as the old timers did. These were people who would get up at 5am and work in kitchens till 11pm!

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