Who are you looking for?

by Effervescent 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • greendawn

    As I left so long ago I don't expect to see anyone here that I knew.

  • Twitch

    I sometimes wonder if i would come across a couple friends from when i was a dub kid, Joel and Janine McIntosh. They moved to Mississauga and we lost touch. I'm sure they both would've left.
    But of course, anyone from those days would be cool.

  • Twitch

    Anyone from the Fort Rouge Congregation in Winnipeg specifically (now defunct)

  • DannyBloem


    I hope for soem more dutch posters, I know....

  • sandy

    Anyone would do for me too. Just today my niece told me about someone i used to know that doesn't go to meetings anymore. The rumor is she is a lesbian and stopped going to the KH. I wish I could run into old friends that left b/c they couldn't live the life of a dub anymore b/c of their sexual orientation. I feel so bad for these ones. My heart really goes out to them, especially the ones I know that are still dubs and supressing their true self.

  • IP_SEC

    Tim... I know you are smart enough. Independent enough. You know how to use your brain. Break through the cloud, come to the light.


  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh

    Many Dutch (or continental) dubs just aren't proficient enough in the English language or idiom to have access to most "apostate" material - whether in print or on-line. So no, I'm afraid I for one will not encounter many.
    Interestingly, the E-watchman site for some reason is fully translated and available in Dutch. Its Dutch discussion board, "Paradise Cafe", has been detached from it though, but still mainly caters for the kind of Christian exdubs that are halfway stuck in JW interpretation and eschatology.

  • gymbob

    Here's one for you.....

    I have a very old JW friend who (several years back) told me he wasn't sure about some of the WT prophecies, and he's always on the internet. He still goes to meetings, but I think he may be waiting for his elderly parents to pass away before he leaves the dubs, that way, they don't cut him out of the will and have everything they own sent to Brooklyn.

    DB are you out there?????

  • gumby

    You know what I wonder? I wonder if you took a personal poll of 500 witnesses and asked them ( IF they would honestly answer you)...."have you EVER looked at an ex-jw site on the internet"?....if you would get at least a few who say they have. How many would say the've seen THIS SITE. Probably very few.

    This fact makes it depressing to me that my old friends/family will neve find me here nor find their escape as a result of this place. Too many fricken loyal dubs I guess.


  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    I'm not looking for anyone. The only JW I care about is my mom, and she doesn't use a computer. If the rest died tomorrow I'd probably throw a party

    Don't you mean Gathering he he he

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