What "Discipline" Did You Recieve While A Witness?

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  • evita

    I was set to get baptized at age 15. Then I had an argument with my mom out in FS. An old elder was offended and I was told that I couldn't get baptized. I did some heavy-duty "repenting" so they let me get baptized at the next assembly.
    I was counselled by an elderette for having lunch at school once with an unbaptized girl whose family were long-time dubs. They didn't like her because she was engaged to marry a much older wordly man. I was furious as she was very nice to me and we could have been friends. She is still married to this guy 30 years later.
    We had a young pioneer come to our rural congregation from the city. He was kind of arrogant and I didn't much like him. I went out in service with him and he drove like a maniac. I complained to the elders as I had been taught to do and was counselled about being judgmental. He was really in with the PO and I later heard he had an affair with the elderette from above story.
    In my teens I was trying to be a good little dub. I would aux pioneer from time to time to gain approval and attention from the congregation. One time I was not allowed to pioneer because I had not placed enough magazines the last time. It's true my literature placement was very low because I hated FS and was quite bad at it.
    Those were the times I remember as the most humiliating and unecessary. The others were the usual: immodest clothes, lack of pantyhose, wordly music, missing meetings, higher education, etc... I actually thought my elders were gentle with the discipline. It was the elders wives who were the most vicious.
    The really bad things I did they never found out about so I was never DF'd.

  • daystar

    In the first 17 years of my life, I was never disciplined in any way by any elder, MS, etc. for anything. I was a "good" JW.

    One weakness found and they kick this unbaptised publisher to the curb as worth less than shyte. Well, turns out they did me a huge favor. Thanks for being such huge dicks, guys!!

  • minimus

    Too many people have to be "readjusted" in the spirit of mildness, (of course). Rather than picking on every little thing, just leave people alone!

  • gwyneth

    At 12, as mentioned here, for witnessing my 13-year old JW friend with a worldly boy in middle school. My parents, innocently at dinner: " Have you ever been kissed?" Me, horrified: "NO!". Them: "Has XXX ever been kissed?" And me, not having the ability to lie, confessed. (Knee-jerk truth-telling is a very hard reaction to overcome, but it can be done, with time and practice.) I had to tell the elders what I saw (it was actually more than kissing, and more in the lines of loose conduct, but still...) and she was sooooo angry and never, ever spoke to me again. (She had been baptized at 13 and disfellowshipped at....13. Never to be seen again, except to pop in four years later and rat on me about MY worldly boyfriend with great satisfaction.)

    At 16, for the worldly boyfriend (see above, for how they found out.) I really don't remember any elders involved--just my dad and the dreaded "disappointment." HE had to "step aside" as an elder, which seemed like he got more punishment than me. I think I spoke to just one fatherly-type elder, but not a committee. If anything, a private reproof. Just a blur.

    At 18, for talking back to a newly appointed ministerial servant who was on a power trip. I got counselled about showing respect for the MS and elders. He complained that I wasn't in subjection. I was very angry, and was made to apologize. It was humiliating, because I didn't mean one word of it, and he had a smug, superior smirk on his face.

    At 24, about my obligations to provide "martial due." Enough said.

    I got a few jabs here and there from a pioneer sister about the color of my lipstick (red) once, but I don't remember much else. In Florida while pioneering, I wore a denim (can be considered too casual) sundress (can be considered immodest) with sandals and no pantyhose. If anyone tried to tell me I had to wear them, I would've challenged them to put some on under their dress pants while they walk around in 95 degree heat and see how they liked it.

  • minimus

    You got counseled for not giving sex to your husband???

  • HadEnuf

    They told me I was too beautiful and seductive and I shouldn't come to meetings anymore.


  • IvyWalker

    Me and my friends were counseled back in 1981, when I was 16 years old. Some of us young people (aged 16-20 years) made a trip to France with tents. We had a good time traveling Paris and the Atlantic Coast of France. We did not forget to study the watchtower on our journey. In La Rochelle we dressed in long skirts (girls) and ties (boys) and sat down on the camping place and held our watchtower-study. We were brainwashed as it had to be.

    But when we came back home, the elders addressed each of us to tell us that we should not do this again. How easily could we have fallen into the trap of immoral conduct. Far away from home in a mixed group of boys and girls.

    As far as I remember this journey, nothing ever happened. It was sooo boring with these theocratic-minded almost-ministerial-servants.

    Ivy Walker

  • bogie

    I'm new here so let me try and answer your question.

    I was baptized in 1953. I was only 13 years old. So really to young to understand what I was doing. Was I ever disciplined??? You bet your life I was. Back in the 50's when someone was "out of line" if they were repented they could be put on probation for 6 mos to 1 year. Well, I was a little rebellious and went out with a "worldly boy". My mother went to the servant, (as they were called then) and I was put on probabtion for 1 year (I was about 17 1/2 yrs. old). When I was 18 I broke my probation and was disfellowshipped. I ended up marrying the man......a big mistake. I was reinstated when I was 20 yrs. old. So, nothing short of auldtery could get me out of the marriage. So I stayed in an abusive marriage for 22 years. Finally, I had had enough and divorced him. I was disfellowshipped again. I was 41. I married again, and was reinstated, but not really accepted back into the congregation. It's to long of a story to tell. I have been inactive since 1985.

  • serendipity

    Welcome bogie!

    A lot of people are not accepted back in the cong after reinstatement, contrary to the principle taught in the parable of the prodigal son. There is a silver lining though, it makes it easier to leave.

  • serendipity

    HI mini,
    I was df'd because I didn't approach the elders soon enough after fornicating. I don't think I ever received any kind of counsel from an elder or MS, though an elder told my mother I wasn't ready for baptism because I didn't go out in service regularly. Can't say that bothered me.

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