Aspergers syndrom

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  • avengers

    Does anyone here have any knowledge about how to get along with someone who has been diagnosed with the Asperger syndrom?


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo


    This website looks good:

    Helpful Hints for Friends, Colleagues, Relations of People with Asperger’s Syndrome

    Remember that odd behaviour is generally not deliberate

    • Do not expect them to automatically understand something that may be obvious to you. Explain everything to them as simply and clearly as possible
    • Try not to be ambiguous when giving group instructions or making requests
    • Do not worry too much if they do not contribute to the conversation
    • Remember that most Asperger’s people do not like change in any form
    • Do not make an issue out of situations when they may become angry or agitated, just suggest that they got for a short walk to calm down
    • If they do something which is considered anti-social, please explain this to them as tactfully as possible and suggest a better course of action
    • Never tease or ridicule people with autism or Asperger’s syndrome in any way, they deserve the same respect as anyone else
    • Above all please do not look on them as a misfit but an ordinary person with a disability
  • skeptic2

    Cut them some extra slack to begin with, don't automatically judge the things they say/do. Over time you'll be able to distinguish the actions that come from having a significantly different world-view from the actions that come from laziness, obstinacy or rudeness.

  • Alana

    If I remember correctly, I believe that one of our own JWD posters has this condition and has talked about it in some of his posts. However, I can't remember the name right now, but perhaps he will see this post and can give you some insight from the perspective of a person with this condition.

  • Princess

    My younger brother and his wife both have it. She seems to be more severe. They met in college, she has a genius IQ, he has never been IQ tested but is getting straight A's. Don't assume people with Aspergers are less intelligent. Often, just the opposite is true.

    With my brother and his wife, it's noticeable in their social behavior. I've wondered if my son might have a mild case, he seems to have some of the characteristics but is missing many of the more obvious, so I don't know. He too has a genius IQ. My oldest brother's son has been diagnosed as well, he has a learning disability along with Aspergers but is a very talented artist.

    Too bad my mom is out of town. She has researched Aspergers and knows loads about it. You might send Mulan a PM, she'll get back to you next week.


  • DesertRat

    Here are a couple more sites which might be of help or interest to you:

    I was diagnosed last November after a lifetime of social & emotional blunders, & just not being understood by the majority of people (least of all myself). As with my growing awareness of the JW farce that I bought into for too long, the diagnosis was one of those defining moments that finally described so much of what went wrong in my life..

    As a child I alternately delighted & irritated my teachers because I was supposedly so bright & 'gifted' but could not consistently apply myself to my schoolwork (the word 'lazy' was drilled into my head over & over by my parents & teachers alike). I often did independent 'reports' on obscure languages such as Basque or Azerbaijani but could not remember to do my math homework. At the age of nine I could recite the capital of every world country but was unable to keep my shoelaces tied. I don't think I can count the number of times I went home from school or a KH meeting & cried because nobody, not even me, could understand what made me so 'different' (it wasn't just the crazy religion that did that..)

    More recently an online test showed my IQ as 140 (???). Thanks to resources such as a local Asperger's support group, I am finally starting to understand the invisible barriers that have always made the ordinary demands & social conventions of life so much more difficult for me, but I know that it will not be an easy road ahead. People on this site have been incredibly supportive & understanding of me.

    Sad emo--the list you posted will be very helpful to my friends who have been searching for ways to understand & help me.

    Thanks & my heartfelt best wishes to anyone else who is dealing with this, or knows someone who is..


  • avengers

    Thank you all for responding. It means a great deal to me.
    I will contact Mulan and talk to her about it.
    I will be in Washington State for Christmas most likely,
    and maybe we could talk in person.
    This board is so great and there's nothing like it anywhere.

    Thanks to everyone here who has contributed to this forum.


  • Dansk

    I don't know a thing about the disease but would like to thank DesertRat, especially, for posting with such openness. It'll make me more aware if I ever come across someone with the condition.

    Things must have been really hard for you, DS. Hope you're coping well now! Also, the same thoughts go to Princess's family!

    Best wishes,


  • avengers

    Hey Desert Rat I sent you a pm.

    I will send Mulan one too.



  • DesertRat

    Thanks for the PM. I sent you a reply..

    Take care & always remember that things will be OK..


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