Were YOU Depressed When You Were A Witness?

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  • minimus

    I've seen soooo many Witnesses taking meds or alcohol because of unhappiness and depression. I know of one woman who regularly gos to her shrink and is the most depressed person that I know of. Personally, I believe it's because a JW can NEVER do enough to satisfy God or the elders....What do you think??

  • undercover

    I think the medicated dub is a latter day fulfillment of the delay of Armageddon.

    For decades, JWs knew that Armageddon was around the corner, but after several corners, nothing happened and finally the wheels starting coming off the mental stability of a lot of the friends. They couldn't cope anymore. They tried to follow the WTS counsel on not seeking therapy but praying more, but it wasn't working.

    Eventually enough of them started seeing doctors and the like and even the WTS had to backtrack on their position of psychiatry and now more and more dubs are seeking professional help to deal with the stress and strain of living in this time of the end.

    Me, personally, I don't think I was ever depressed while a dub...if anything I went through some depression upon learning what a waste me life had been as a witness.

  • Elsewhere

    I was extremely depressed as a JW and frequently contemplated suicide.

    It wasn't until I left the Watchtower Cult that I was able to be happy.

  • parakeet

    Depressed, suicidal, hospitalized, medicated -- the JW mantra. Recovery began as soon as I left for good.

  • Nosferatu

    I definately was. JWs don't have that sense of freedom to make them happy. They're always locked in the Watchtower cage.

  • tijkmo


  • Nowman

    I had felt depressed many times mostly because of what went on in my house. But, I feel I was always a happy person by nature. My mother was diagnosed with depression sometime after I left. I knew so many people with depression problems in the org but at the time, it seemed so normal. Currently, I hear of those same people that just snap and do something crazy. For example, and I have posted this before. The Betty Whitten murder case, she murdered her disabled daughter with intentions to kill her other daughter too. She has just been diagnosed with depression days before the murder. She was on Zoloft a few days prior. She then killed her daughter and even lifted up her shirt to make sure the stabs went through, there were no knife cuts in the girls shirt. She claimed that her husband brought demons into the house. She claimed she was doing the right thing by killing her daughter. She is pleading insanity. See, I knew the Whittens as a kid, they were a normal JW family. Betty just snapped. I know of numerous cases like this. Its crazy.

    I think my mom got depression from the org for all that she had to go through. I think if I would have stayed in the org, I would have been eventually diagnosed with depression too. It so sad.

  • damselfly

    Yes, I was. I agree with Elsewhere's post.

    Dams (much better now thanks ;P)

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    I see so many JW's in my family that are drunks, and a few hooked to perscription pain killers. Its amazing but I wonder if the Org said that Alcohol was no longer allowed, how many would leave or be DF.

  • minimus

    Bethel would be gone

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