Hats off to Simon for this board

by truthseeker 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • rassillon

    YEAH! Simon we all owe you a debt of gratitude! Thanks, you are appreciated.

  • slimboyfat

    I don't know why Simon still does it. He cleary is not that interested in JW issues any more. Is he left out of pocket from the site? Even more wonder that keeps it going.

    I think it is a good site, but will not last forever.


  • LittleToe

    "He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!!!"

  • arwen

    I join in the chorus with a sincere and heartfelt thank you to Simon. I don't know just where I would be now if I had not found this board....

  • Simon


    The site would have closed a long time ago were it not for the generous and somtimes thankless work that the moderators do to keep things civil (which is all we ask) so a lot of the thanks should really go to them.

    We have taken a bit of a back seat lately - partly because sometimes you just need to have a break and also because we're both busy squeezing in UNiversity courses into full-time work and kids. Without the mods we wouldn't have been able to do this so I would like to publicly thank them for all they have done.

  • Lo-ru-hamah

    I agree, thank you.

    The only complaint that I have with this board is that it is so addictive. I can't quit. It is really nice to have a place that is well moderated and so reassuring.

    Thank you again.


  • undercover


    I know we knocked heads a while back, but my hat's off to you for what you have done with this site in helping countless numbers of people trying to find their way out of clutches the WTS.

    I've stated in the past that I think that this site is bigger than one person and while I still hold to that belief, it does take one person (or a few...in this case the mods as well) to be able to get it started and hold it together. So thanks for putting up with the frustration so that this valuable resource remains on the net for people who are searching to find.

  • Dansk

    What a load of creeps!

    Hey, Simon, isn't about time we had another restaurant bash? I'm all for curry crescent again!


  • MegaDude

    I've met some great friends here that have been a real pleasure to know, not to mention have given me tremendous insight into my life that was needed.

    So a hyyyyuge thank you to Simon and Ang. and the Mods*. I'd buy 'em a beer anytime!

  • yesidid

    I too would like thank Simon, Ang and the moderators. I think you are doing a great job.

    Many many thanks.


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