Do you think that the JW's really care if they bring people to the Org.

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  • JH

    I think that as long as they think they are saved, they really don't care if people listen to them.

  • Elsewhere

    90% of JWs only care about getting in their monthly time sheet so the elders won't hassle them.

  • JH

    When I went door to door, I did what I had to do, and I didn't really care if people listened to me or not, even family members who weren't JW's.

    I kept in mind what Jesus said, "If people don't receive you, just wipe the dust or dirt off your feet and go to the next door".

  • JH

    If the JW's really cared about those who became inactive, wouldn't they go visit them when they have free time, not just in the field service or once a year when they are told to do so?

  • jwfacts

    JW's care, because conversions are justification that they are correct. In Festingers research into cults he showed that when a person's cult is proved wrong, such as a failed prophecy, they often become more active in preaching as they see converts as proof that they are not wrong after all. Selfish motives of course.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I always cared. In point of fact, I brought several into the organization.

    This was an area that always bothered me - that the average witness did not seem to work very hard at it. It was one of those 'creeping doubts' that had a part in helping me to see thru the fog of the witness organization eventually. That it was really just a hypocritical as other religions.


  • JH

    Although I preached door to door I didn't want to screw up people's lives if they listened to me and accepted a bible study.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    If the JW's really cared about those who became inactive, wouldn't they go visit them when they have free time, not just in the field service or once a year when they are told to do so?

    This was an even bigger problem for me. I hated that casual attitude of indifference toward those who humanly failed to live up to the cults requirements from time to time. I just could not picture Jesus and his apostles walking down the street of a 'brother' who was inactive, trying to make more followers while ignoring the one who had fallen aside. In one period of inactivity for myself and my family, and elder and a car group of 3 sisters showed up on our block. They parked the car right in front and 'horseshoed' the block, ending up back at the car. There was a fresh snow on the ground that showed their tracks up to every door on the street but ours. I stood at the front window and watched the whole thing - they never even looked at me. A year later we were back in the organization - boy were we stupid? Or what? Jeff

  • blondie

    When I was an active JW, I notice things about different JW attitudes.

    There were the people who thought they were not good enough to make a return visit or conduct a bible study.

    Then there were the people who thought it didn't matter if they made a return visit because God would see to it that someone called back.

    I have been with JWs that had a good conversation, placed a book, and the person begged for a Bible study; yet they never called back; some did at least "turn it over" to a pioneer.

    Then there were the JWs that never marked down not-at-homes because the territory would be worked again soon and it didn't matter.

    Then there were the JWs who said they did not have time to make return visits or conduct a Bible study and that they didn't have to bring someone in to qualify for everlasting life themselves.

    I can remember several times the CO saying that unless RVs were made and bible studies started, that the sheep would not come in. He had subtracted the family studies from the congregation reported bible studies and found that only 10 separate individuals out of 100 publishers were conducting studies...............and that 90% of the RVs were made by those 10 people.

    The only time JWs were required to have a bible study (besides the family one) was when you wanted to be a regular pioneer. About 30 years ago, it was required. If they required it now, would there be any new regular pioneers?


    km 2/71 pp. 3-4 A Letter from the Pioneers ***

    The "Lamp" book (pp. 194-200), of course, outlines the basic requirements that must be met by regular and vacation pioneers. But for the benefit of some of you new ones who have only recently started associating with us, let’s review briefly some of these points. First of all, before you can enroll as a regular pioneer you must have been baptized for at least six months, and during the past six months you must have been a regular publisher reporting at least ten hours and six back-calls on the average each month. You must currently be conducting at least one home Bible study. It is obvious, too, that your conduct must recommend you as a fine Christian in the community.

  • toreador

    I did not know that blondie. thanks for posting that info.


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