Do you think that the JW's really care if they bring people to the Org.

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  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    From the past and current actions of the JWs and the Elders, there really is NO love in this org. IF there really was "love", they would not act the way they do.

  • Soledad
    What a nonesense, they had been studying with these ppl for YEARS, it was obvious they just enjoyed cups of tea, chitchatting for an hour then the next hour covering 2 or 3 paragraphs !!!!!!!!!!

    Ha ha that sounds like all the bible studies in my old congregation. They were nothing but big lets-get-together-and-spend-the-next-two-or-three-hours-eating-and-gossiping bible studies

  • metatron

    Let me say this plainly: Most Witnesses do not want Bible Studies! They want easy return visits in which they can drink coffee

    and sit in somebodies warm house, in the winter. Bible studies are an utter hassle, as you must get involved in their personal problems

    and commit yourself to a regular schedule of coming by.

    What do I base this opinion on? Many years of experience as an elder, observing how difficult it was to find somebody to fill in

    or take over a home Bible study. Witnesses didn't want the responsibility.

    Furthermore, if your territory has prisons/ jails or other institutions involving confinement - including old age homes - you can

    usually have as many studies as you want. The fact that this doesn't happen tells you that most Witnesses aren't interested.


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