My District Convention Last Weekend

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    I hear ya. Nothing in the world could have sucked more than trudging of to Dodger Stadium for a weekend of Jah's spiritual festivals. Trying to get to the mezzanine (orange) level was difficult. Trying to find a seat on the third base side (more shade in the afternoon) was worse. Then there was the smell from the bathrooms.

    My pet peeves: Saving of the last 3 rows for the elderly & infirmed in every section. How about saving rows for families with small children? Oh, wait! I forgot! Children mean absolutely nothing to the WTB&TS.

    Allowing the higher ups to have acces to the press box with A/C while the rest of the peons had to sit in the sweltering heat.

    Having to eat the mostly horrid food, and drink warm sodas.

    I can't imagine going nowdays to a DC. Not only having to deal with that, but also having to pack your lunch too? On top of that, not being able to bring a cooler? Even if i was a JW I would walk over to Pine Street and find a place to eat.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Was there a resolution? What did it say...? The previous threads...weren't quite sure.. It may have been heresay.

  • MinisterAmos

    My DC was in N. Atlanta this year; a short EIGHT FARKING HOUR DRIVE FROM HERE!

    It would have been 45 minutes away but a renegade freak CO who just got removed split my book study with a congregation way over there.

    An Elder was "kind" enough to drop off a CD recording of the big event for those like me who missed it. You knew that was coming, right?

  • Sailor Ripley
    Sailor Ripley

    Hey rassillon,

    With all due respect, why go in the first place?

    I'm a total newbie and my shadow hasn't darkened a KH door since I was 13, save a memorial or two, but if it "sucks ass" as I'm sure it did, why even put up with any of it. I'm sure you and your wife could find much more productive things to do in lovely Katy. They do have that sweet Bass Pro Shop there, or go south to the beach (watch out for dead bodies though-I've seen two floaters over the years).

    I pose this not as a rhetorical question... I'm interested to hear from anyone who is still an active J-Dub. If you are loath to go for even a weekend due to your knowledge beforehand that it's going to suck it, why do it at all?

    Respectfully, SR

  • Balsam

    It has been 5 years since my final DC. I can say with great relief that I am so thankful I've never had to attend another. They are just horrible for those who have handicaps or are extremely elderly. Your's sounded just terrible. Know you just wish you could have gone out and had some fun after that first day when you saw how bad it was rather than sit through that. Know your so ready to have DC to be a thing of the past.

  • rassillon

    SR, being a noob and having not been associated with the ORG since 13 you probably don't understand how just quiting can rip a family apart. I suggest you read some of the old posts and experiences so that you can understand what people quiting go through. I bet of those that have been smokers (i am not one) would say smoking was easier to quit. Welcome to the board BTW. -r

  • warmthofthesun

    That was my DC too. That place is pretty uncomfortable, but atleast it is in Houston. I went to one a few weeks earlier instead though, because of some friends I knew. Also I didn't want to be around my congregation when I didn't say "Aye" to the resolution.

  • foundfreedom

    My niece took my 74yr old mother-in-law to the convention on friday and my mother-in-law was able to sit with the elderly but it took my niece the whole first talk to find a seat for her and her two young children in tow (ages 3 and 5) each time an attendent would show them where they could sit then another elder or attendent would really rudely tell her that she couldnt sit there and would have to go somewhere else!!

    It just made me fume when I heard this and I made a big point to let them know sarcasticaly that they really showed brotherly love didnt they?

    My mother-in-law agreed but knowing her she will defend them to her death bed!

  • foundfreedom

    Oh and I wanted to add they had half of the seating blocked off!! I guess they were afraid that they may have to clean more than they wanted to.

  • gymbob

    I'm sooooo glad I don't do those DC's anymore!!!

    Remember being told to hang around after the session was over, to "clean-up" the section your cong. was assigned to take care of?! God I miss I miss having the flu......

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