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  • purplesofa

    I work for a great set of docs of many religions and backgrounds.

    Today I talked to a Hindu doc, from India, and asked him about the recent bombing over there. He gave me some of India's History the split from british rule.......and then the fighting between the muslims and hindus.

    I thought it was religious ....he said they were fighting over a piece of land that the Muslims feel is thiers. It is the prettiest part of India he said and that now it is all war torn.

    The country of India is divided much like we have different states. When they became free each leader from each "state" decided as to whether they would go Hindu or Muslim.........All choose Hindu.........leaving the Muslims to move to Pakistan,,,,,and the Hindus from Pakistan moved to India. One state that was 60% Muslim 40% Hindu.........chose Hindu............hence the fight for the piece of land.

    He said any fight you see going on is Muslim oriented.......except the Koreans and they are just nutty anyway!

    He said he did not feel like the Muslims in Iraq deserved to have the Americans over there Fighting for demacracy. The thinking is very narrow minded. He lived in Saudi Arabia for four years to work and he said the women were treated like dirt by the muslims.

    We talked about the Hindu religion.........I asked about his "bible" I wanted to know if it had predictions for the Armeggedon.....He said NO.......I said so you don't live in fear of the future world events..........He said No, we do not live in fear.

    We are a peaceable people he said. They have someone like Christ that has come to take away sins. We talked about alot more. I guess what stuck in my mind was that they had no prediction for the future of the planet and mankind. He smiled big when I said that I felt like the Chriistian bible was a script.......written out as suggestions that Christians follow and play out like a script for a movie.

    His god to him is the creator of the earth and universe. He said Hindus are tolerant of other religions as they want to be tolerated.

    Just wanted to share.


  • purplesofa

    sorry it under entertaining......although some might find it entertaining..........wasnt supposed to be.!!!!


  • serendipity

    I think it's an interesting comment about women, considering how women are viewed in India.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Oh yeah, "the enlightened east." Ask about

    - - - begin article - - -

    SUTTEE [suttee] [from Sanskrit "sati" = faithful wife], former Indian funeral practice in which the widow immolated herself on her husband's funeral pyre. The practice of killing a favorite wife on her husband's grave has been found in many parts of the world; it was followed by such peoples as the Thracians, the Scythians, the ancient Egyptians, the Scandinavians, the Chinese, and peoples of Oceania and Africa. Suttee was probably taken over by Hinduism from a more ancient source. Its stated purpose was to expiate the sins of both husband and wife and to ensure the couple's reunion beyond the grave, but it was encouraged by the low regard in which widows were held. The practice was not universal throughout Hindu history. It was abolished by law in British India in 1829, but isolated cases of voluntary suttee have occurred into the 20th century.

    - - - end of article - - -

    Note that it was the BRITISH who outlawed Suttee. Although several ancient cultures practiced suttee in the past, if you wanted to see it happen today, there is only one place in the world you are likely to find it: India.

    See also

  • wednesday

    This is just my personal experience but that is all I have to offer. . A doctor I knew from Iran told me "never trust them" .Of course, he is speaking from his own bias, but it does give you a interesting look into the culture and how divided it is and religion being the reason.

  • purplesofa
    ut it does give you a interesting look into the culture and how divided it is and religion being the reason.

    yes it does.

    I was thinking today how ready he was to explain and give defense to his religion. I am sure being Indian and becoming American citizen(he just did that last year) and in the process of bringing more of his relatives over.........He is not stupid. Choosing carefully his words.

    Note that it was the BRITISH who outlawed Suttee. Although several ancient cultures practiced suttee in the past, if you wanted to see it happen today, there is only one place in the world you are likely to find it: India.

    I suppose looking into the background of any religion shows terrible practices in the past. Thank goodness for evolvement and changes over time. Hopefully India will do away with this ancient practice soon.

    I was just telling a friend of mine yesterday, I am doing what I can to deprogram myself of religious messages. I am not sure I can completely do it over the rest of my life time........but everyday I get closer to it...........the freer I will become IMO


  • Warlock

    I remember meeting Hindus in the d-to-d work and they were ALWAYS very nice.


  • Leolaia

    You should ask him what he thinks of American-style Vedanta Society Hinduism. My parents were members when I was born and whereas my mom converted to JWs, my dad remained philosophically and religiously Hindu all his life. My dad had idols of Ganesha and Siva in the house, originally in plain sight, and that bugged my mom no end until he gave in and put them in a private place....

  • anewme

    Purps, that was EXTREMELY INTERESTING!!! Please tell us more of your thoughts about the Hindu and Muslim religions. You say the Hindus have no fear of an end of the world scenario in their religious stories?
    I find that fascinating. Isnt theirs the oldest culture? Where civilization got its start? Wouldnt God care that so many sincere Indian people are unaware of an imminent disaster brought on by God himself?

    Didnt the Buddha come from India? I kind of like him from some of the stories I've read. He was a philosopher of sorts who set people free from religious and social mental prisons. Am I right?

    I think I will explore this area tomorrow when I go to the library. (Why do people joke about me going to the library all the time? Hey, Im a broke exjw! Thats our college!!)

    Please continue Purple Sofa about your story.

  • Scully

    Aren't these the same "peaceful" people who practice bride burning as a method of extorting exorbitant dowries out of the bride's family?

    If that's "peaceful", then they can damn well keep it.

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