Kerry Louderback-Wood on today's BBC 'Sunday Programme'

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  • skeptic2

    Im not getting anywhere trying to download it from Page timed out.

  • cabasilas

    I downloaded it but the audio was hard to understand. Perhaps I did something wrong? Does anyone else have the audio to share?

  • Swan

    I downloaded it too and it was really garbled, and the volume on the voice was too low to hear over the garbled part.


  • blondie

    Go to this page

    on the right select "Latest Programme"

    Jehovah's Witnesses
    Most of us are pretty certain of one of the Jehovah's Witnesses' doctrines. They believe that blood transfusions are wrong. Right?

    Apparently, though, the position is not as clear cut as that. The blanket opposition to the use of blood products has come under attack from within the movement itself. Matthew Wells reports from New York.
    Listen (5m 41s)

    Select (5m 41s)

    I heard it fine at home on my old computer and at work on my newer computer.

    It is too good to miss.


  • Swan

    Thanks Blondie. Now I can hear it just fine!


  • cabasilas

    Thanks, Blondie. It's a great program!

    The link can be directly accessed at:

    Now, my ignorance will be there a way to save the file to my computer?

  • Axelspeed

    Thanks Barbara for that extra information. Hmmm, have a senior WT official present himself as a lowly (and disconnected-- if need be down the line) elder...truly theocratic warfare at its finest!


  • AnnOMaly

    Thanks Nathan but I also tried saving it and it came out garbled.

    There MUST be a way ...

  • eyeslice

    AuldSoul - I loved how the WTS official spokespersons declined to comment - Yes, very interesting as to why they declined to comment. It always smacks they have something to hid.
    I have just re-read the Aug 2006 Awake - far from clarifying the situation, it appears to me that this has only added more confusion.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    i want to thank all the guys that are helping let the cat out of the bag. on this interview. i think the heat is getting turned up. . john

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