Is it cancer? STOP! Don't talk about it.

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  • FreeFromWTBS

    I had a lump on my back about the size of a golf ball. It was a fatty tissue tumor. A small outpatient procedure and it was done. I also had any suspicious moles removed while they were removing it. A Doctor is a good idea, I don't see how a growth will go away with herbs.

  • DesertRat

    My JW aunt (one of the world's worst hypochondriacs & health nuts..) developed eosinophilia as a result of the contaminated L-Tryptophan, which she took in far greater than the recommended amounts. She also took so much golden seal herb (her self-proclaimed 'cure all') that it caused an intestinal obstruction, landing her in the hospital for emergency surgery in 1986.

    When my father was dying of cancer, a well-meaning but obviously misguided JW recommended Pau D'Arco, a South American herb reputed to cure cancer & a host of other illnesses. Without telling his oncologist (who very likely would have had a fit..), my mother gave him the tea. It put him into such a stupor that he slept for three days straight & scared the hell out of both of us..

    Natural medicine definitely has its place, but a certain balance is needed. If someone has a ruptured appendix or has lost alot of blood as a result of a serious accident, vitamins or a poultice of strange-smelling herbs aren't going to do much good at all..


  • Swan

    In my family not just mental health professionals were a no-no. Medical doctors were also frowned upon. This was a holdover from the New World Society's attitude from many years back when she was a little girl.

    My family came in around 1935. Aluminum was the devil's metal. Vaccinations that doctors wanted to give you and your children could cause them to take on different personalities. Blood transfusions were frowned upon and later banned, and transplants, when they came along, were also a no-no.

    Today, some doctors prescribe medicine but respect the patient's choice to supplement that treatment with vitamins. Back then medical doctors disagreed with the herb and vitamin course, which put them at odds with what the Golden Age said.

    The New World Society at one time stressed Miracle Wheat as the best way to health. Doctor's didn't put much stock in that. Doctors were also scientists, so their opinions often clashed with Watchtower dogma. And most JWs thought they knew more than doctors because of their education from the pages of the Golden Age/Awake!

    Doctors were distrusted. Ben Casey and Marcus Welby were what doctors should be like, but instead the reality was that the medical associations were considered the puppets of Satan just as religious clergy.

    So when you consider the history of the New World Society and look at it in this context, you can see why some of the older JW families might still be distrustful of doctors. When a serious medical issue does come along, that and the tendency for them to play ostrich and put their head in the sand can result in avoiding doctors.


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