Last Week In Photos (7 / 6-15 / 06)

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  • Arthur

    Excellent Photos! Thanks for sharing.

    I didn't know that you lived way up in the mountains. I guess you really are Grizzly Adams.

  • OpenFireGlass
    Composition and color perfect. Are you a professional photographer? If not, you should be.

    For Now I'm an arm-chair profesional... LOL... I have two cameras (one really nice that I only use to photograph glass; and the other is a canon point and shoot, that i carry with me everywhere...)... Yeah, maybe I could sell these photo's to the WTS for their rags (NOT!).. LOL....

    you must admit that there is a Creator

    Define creator....

  • SixofNine

    If we weren't convinced before, we get it now: you stay high for weeks on end!

    Nice scenery and pics, I'm officially jealous of your job above the clouds, man.

  • mariposa

    Very Cool...I like the purple sky one the best's not something you see too often Thanks for sharing!!

    Reminds me kinda when I was in Oregon a while back. Some of the shots actually look like the smokeys here except the smokeys aren't as peaked. I used to drive up there all the time on my own (I really miss it!!!!) and take pics like you do. Seeing your shots brings back alot of, getting caught in work, bills etc really sucks....I think it's time I take a trip.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Can I come live with you ? I love the mountains , so far I have only been to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and the hills of the Smokies . Someday I hope to see your neck of the woods . One time when we were hiking in the Rockies we saw a Mountain Lion too. We were down in a ravine and the moountain lion was perched on a boulder up on the rim looking down at us , tail slowly swishing . Very beautiful , but at the same time quite frightening !

  • Gretchen956

    These are beautiful! I was going to ask where but I see N. CA somewhere in the thread. Gorgeous color!

    Proves there's a creater, ppffffffffffffffffffttttttt


  • damselfly

    So jealous. I love the one with the pink and purple sky over the darkness of the mountains.


  • OpenFireGlass
    So jealous. I love the one with the pink and purple sky over the darkness of the mountains.

    hey, You know, you can come visit anytime ya like...

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