Nauseating Trip down memory lane.....

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  • Seeker4

    Also, Caligirl, I PMd you.


  • greendawn

    You can make a note that those were the false promises used by the WTS to entice people into their org where they would subsequently get exploited. That you once also believed them before getting out of their hypnotic spell. To see dead loved ones, to escape oppression, disease, old age and death are sweet though futile promises.

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    My father was a JW, he was always very hard on me for leaving, while he was in the hospital days before he died, he told me that he would never forgive me for turning my back on Jehovah, and that I dissappointed him, and he would die with that in his heart, then he told me to leave the room.

    I sat there very quite, I didn't cry but I thought to myself this could only come from a JW. The last thing to tell his son, is not that I love you and take care but you dissappoint me and I will never forgive you.

    Out of all my brothers and sisters who are JW, I (nonJW) was the only one who could afford to pay for his final arrangements and his burial, since no one could help me with those plans my only option was I was going to burry him in a Catholic cemetary, I told all of my brothers and sisters that if they object than they could pay for it.

    Didn't hear a word or a check from them.

    By the way what is it with JW not having life insurance, way before my dad got sick I asked him to get some and I will pay for it???

  • parakeet

    ***My Grandfather always felt that my Dad became a witness just to spite him.***

    That's ironic. My mother always felt that I left the JWs just to spite her. If she only understood. As it is, she's missed sharing holidays and birthdays with her grandchildren. So many potential memories lost.

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