Men's hair getting longer?

by JH 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • purplesofa

    hair is longer here among younger men and I love it........


  • karen96

    in our area among teens, your hair length signifies what group you are with:

    longer hari: goths, rockers and such

    shorter hair: sports, academic and such

    karen (of the "so glad i'm not in high school anymore" class)

  • thecarpenter

    More teenage boys are wearing longer hair, some men as well. But most still have short hair.

    thecarpenter - short hair class

  • mama1119

    Well, my Dad has always wanted a ponytail and after he left the dubs over a year ago he can finally sport a pony and it looks so cute on him.

  • JH

    When I was younger I had it longer, but now, my hair isn't thick enough for it to be long, so I guess it's better to have it relatively short in my case. And I'm getting old too, so I'll leave the longer hair to the youngsters...

  • DanTheMan

    My 16 year-old nephew has 1970's Bobby Brady hair, I think it's awesome, the private Christian school he attends made him get it cut tho, :(

    I've noticed that Farrah-hair is coming back into style for the ladies too, I love it.

    The seventies were sweet, I love that the styles have come back. Even those ESPN ads with Lebron James and whoever else where they used these really groovy 70's motifs, I loved those.

    I wonder if aviator style glasses will be next?

  • HadEnuf

    I love long hair on guys...but I can't get any of my "loved ones" to grow their's out. They tell me to grow mine long first and then they'll consider it. Like that's ever gonna happen. Oh I digress. Living in a university town I think you see more of the younger people with long hair. Traveling around with my kid's band I see a lot of younger AND older guys with ponytails or just letting the locks flow freely.

    cathy l.

  • SirNose586

    "No longer than the ear..." of course, it says that in the Bible, don'tcha know!
    If by Bible you mean the C.O.'s whim, then yes, yes it did come from "the Bible."
    My friend called them "Logans" because they were nearly as cool as Hugh Jackman's chops in X-Men.

  • greendawn

    I hope the long hair fashion will not come back I prefer the closely cropped hair it seems to be a lot more masculine.

  • JH

    OK, I followed the trend and let my hair grow.....

    This is really me.....


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