meeting you through your post histories

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  • daniel-p

    I, too, enjoy looking thorugh others' post histories - endlessly fascinating. I also like to look through my own post history to see how I've changed or what I've said in the past and if I still agree or think my opinion/observation needs adjustment. It's a lot like a journal that way.

  • HappyDad
    My daughter could not go to meetings.she wanted to die. We spent hours and hours talking to her, telling her she had worth in God's eyes, that Jesus died for everyone, that no one has the right to condemn another human, not elders, not anyone. She had nightmares that she was killing herself, because she thought they wanted her to die. She tried, for awhile, just to please her dad and me. But eventually, and this is the long story part of it, when we could see that the men who did this to her were not going to be held accountable for what they said to her, we all quit going. The pain of sitting there, listening to someone on the platform saying "Elders are like a hiding place from the wind" was too much.

    Wow Quandry,

    This is so much like my and my daughter's story! Glad you didn't let them get to you.

    I'm happy that my daughter and myself are both out. Life is good even with all the rough spots.


  • anewme

    Keep posting Quandry. You will find refreshment for your soul here!

  • foundfreedom

    I also enjoy reading the profiles but have found that so many dont put anything down in their profiles. I am not df either just inactive but I dont have any fear about being found out here on the site because as one posted that would make them an apostate also!

    We will all be looking forward to your future posts and its nice to meet you!

  • JH

    Most of my posts are "fluff" Quandry.

    Quantity, not quality

  • wednesday


    I was very moved when i read you story about your teeange dgt. There are so many sad stories I sometimes feel ill after reading here.

    You are one of the first persons to mention me in a post, most of the time i'm sort of invisible here.

    btw, my therapist says I'm interesting too.

    I find you and the other new poster, restrangled , also very interesting people.

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