Ted Jaracz a molester?

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  • JapanBoy

    Actually this is the first time that I've ever heard any rumour like this, wannaexit. Another poster asked is he mean? Never came accross that way to me...but he is the head of this evil cult that has ruined many aspects of my life so I don't put trust in him.


  • james_woods

    An apostate I know from the olden days (kicked out with the Franz mess) also says he was a pretty decent sort, especially compared with Knorr or Franz. Didn't he serve in Australian Bethel a while? Maybe somebody from down under can confirm on both.

    The word was, however, that the guy Greenlees could really be the tailpipe of the large intestine if he got it in for you. (Unless, of course you were a good-looking young man, in which case you were a room-mate candidate.)

    Japan poster makes the case: Molester or not, straight or gay, mean or nice, the problem with these guys is to take on the mantle of leading this religion and making life a holy hell for millions...

  • Apostanator

    My wife and I went to the Silent Lambs march in NY. I have a video of the march that includes the acusation. I would be willing to send a copy to whoever wants one, However it is on VHS and I haven't been able to find the equipment to copy it on to another VHS. I anyone can give me some advice as to what I can do, it would be apreciated.

  • FairMind
    That is the problem with child molestation accusation, the accusation has as much power as truth, even if it may not be. Most people just assume it is from the beginning.

    This is a favorite accusation of ex-spouses and yes, whether true or not the mere accusation has ruined many a reputation.

  • willyloman

    Am I the only one here who thinks this is a cheap shot? Is there so little factual information out there that fully indicts the Watchtower cult that we need to resort to rumor and innuendo? The dubs love to read this crap so they can point to the internet as the evil domain of lying apostates. I can hear my old PO now, saying, "See, this is exactly why there needs to be two witnesses before a matter is established."

  • FairMind
    Am I the only one here who thinks this is a cheap shot?

    No sir Willyoman! I also believe this is a cheap shot. JWs who read these types of personal attacks are going to hold every thing they read on this site as suspect and that is a shame since there is plenty of credible information to be found here.

  • hillary_step

    This rumor is best laid to rest with the tragic figure of Pat Garza.

    No evidence has ever been presented to substantiate the public statement of Ms. Garza that Ted Jaracz molested her, and the whole episode was driven forward by an avalanche of wishful thinking, and in some cases, sadly, by political manipulation.

    Sometimes the lines between reality and hope become blurred when XJW's deal with such matters, and they behave in ways that would threaten the hallowed position of the Hanging Judge.


  • frankiespeakin

    All I can cay is, 'Ted will go to his grave with a very dark cloud over his head. In Any effect he was responcible for many a innocent person to have thier reputation besmirched, for being labeled an evil doer in some fashion or other, so it seems some of his own bad Karma will come back to haunt him. He'll probably be a wondering spirit hanging around Bethel listening to all the bad gossip his budies on the GB and other influential positions say about him because they think he is dead and unconscious, what a torment for him to be earthbound and stuck to bethel to haunt it for decades. IT will probably break his heart to go to the regular GB meetings and not beable to cast a vote, and to watch those he had in his back pocket vote in way that infuriate him. I bet he will be one of those disimbodied spirits that throws thing al the time.

  • JWrobot

    Pat Garza walked up to me at the Brooklyn Heights promenade ( I had a sign ) and told me she " had been molested by one of the anointed ". I now wish I had talked more with her. Later at 25 Columbia Hts. I saw her with the bullhorn speaking to the crowd which I couldn't hear due to the BQE traffic.

    After getting the Silentlambs March video it all clicked. Yeah, I belived her.

  • hillary_step


    After getting the Silentlambs March video it all clicked. Yeah, I belived her.



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