What would you give up for ...

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  • Gorby

    I gave up living in the USA. Move to a foreign country. Where I must learn a new language...new culture...completely new system (sorry bad word useage) of life. I gave up a job I truly loved and still miss to this day. Gave up seeing my family more than once a year. Gave up the warm Texas weather.

    BUT! Not one JW in this country knows I was a JW at one time, no one bothering me about religion. No chance of running into one and receiving the guilt trips...or being ignored...or worse my son being ignored. Truly free at last!

    Would I do it again. Oh yeah.

  • Cabin in the woods
    Cabin in the woods

    Every person is different but at this point in my journey I have learned that for me....life without a loving partner is nothing.

    What Iittle I own including memories have virtually no value if there is no one that you can share them with on a daily basis.

    I would move anywhere, compromise almost anything (not my personal belief system) to share my life with someone who wanted to share their life with me.


  • mrsjones5

    I gave up living in Oakland, California, in a cramped 2 bedroom apartment, with my kids in the best (so I thought what a laugh) Oakland school (Lakeview Elementary) I could get them into, to move over 2000 miles away to Indiana.

    Yeah I gave up that California sunshine for Indiana where I now own a 4 bedroom house, my kids now have a backyard and a nice neighborhood to play in and the schools oh my god the schools! 4 star - not perfect in every way but way better than what we came from.

    Do I regret it? Hell no! The icing on the cake: Too far away for my parents to pop in.


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