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  • serendipity


    I listened to the radio this morning and that was the topic for discussion. Many women called in to share their sacrifices for love. Women gave up smoking and some agreed to relocate across the country, leaving their friends, family, jobs, college. I've personally known a few women who relocated as well, oversees to a new country, new language, etc.

    (I didn't get to hear the whole segment, but no men called in while I was listening. I know men sacrifice for love, I guess they don't feel the need to share that.)

    So what have you given up for love? Was the sacrifice worth it?

  • merfi

    I gave up holidays with my family, my freedom to think and believe as I wanted and 15 years in a cult to marry my "true love"... (although I did try to believe it, kinda mostly did... anyway...)

    I now have neither as each has 'cheated' me in some way.

    but I'm a stronger, better person for having had experienced it all, I think.


  • purplesofa

    I don't think there is a need to give up anything for love.

    I just won't think that way anymore.

    I will compromise and make sacrifices to get along............but I will never have the feeling I gave something up.

    I think I rather look at it as a gift...........not giving something up.


  • restrangled

    What I did do:

    I had 2 sons aged 2 and a half and one 8 months old and agreed to pack up from a beautiful home in Chicago so my husband could start his own business in Florida. If I knew what I know now would I do the same? I don't know. We have had some wonderful times and horrible times.

    I miss Chicago horribley....sometimes. Not the weather but the general population, city, hard working ethics and cultural advantages. We live in vacation heaven, everything is temporary, including the damned housing. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Although our home has caught up in values over the years, it seems like such a red necked, red state mentality. Too much religion, too many flags flying off of car windows without thought to what they are flying them for. Few seem to have pride in their yards or homes. I have never seen such lack of respect for neighbors or a neighborhood. Yet our home is valued over $350,000.00.

    Would I give up what I did back then, knowing what I know now. Probably not.


  • free2beme

    True love, should not require a bunch of "giving up" anything. If you are being put into a situation that you are being asked to "give up", then it just means that later when the love becomes more common, it will be the first things you want back.

  • serendipity

    Thanks for the replies. Any others want to share? I'd really love to hear from some of the guys.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I gave up my home to move in with my boyfriend, and he gave up his independent lifestyle and welcomed me. Both of feel we have gained far more than we sacrificed.

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    I believe that a loving relationship is worth more than anything else, so I'd give up almost anything. But I also agree that in a truly loving relationship, it's more a matter of compromise and agreement.

    But yes, my first statement stands. I'd give up anything.

  • Warlock

    When I was 18, I gave up $30 for true love, one time. While this story is true..........it really wasn't love, but I couldn't resist..........telling the story, that is.


  • BritBoy

    May I just inform the board at this time that this Saturday I am getting married! Yes, the Dr and I, after five years together and a change in the laws of the UK, are tying the knot! As of Saturday afternoon we shall be Dr & Mr. A small ceremony followed by a major piss up garden party followed by a week in Cornwall (followed up by 3 weeks in California once the Doc has written his final exam in Nuclear Physics in October!)

    Excited? You betcha!!!!


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