BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS Twisting a life-affirming law into death

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    Hi Angelica:

    What DOES the elder book say?

    From page 92:

    "Wrongdoing is incresing in frequency and in depravity; such can infiltrate and affect the Christian congregation. (2 Tim 3:1-5, 13; Jude 3,4,11-13)

    The Scriptures clearly show that Jehovah forbids certain conduct among his clean people; brothers need to uphold Jehovah's righteous standards regarding the following:

    From page 95:

    Obscene speech (Eph. 5:3-5; Col 3:8)

    Failure to abstain from blood (Gen 9:4; Acts 15:20, 28,29)

    Greed - gambling extortion (1 Cor 5:10, 11; 6:10; 1 Tim. 3:8 it-1 pp. 1005-6)

    This however has been amended by a letter which has been read, but not distributed. Willful acceptance of a forbidden blood component is considered an act of voluntary disassociation. This is really a distinction without a difference, as disassociated individuals are treated the same as disfellowshipped ones.

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