Meeting a poster

by purplesofa 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • stillajwexelder

    JH -sorry no -you have IM

  • Sparkplug

    You should all try licking a posters face... hehe

  • candidlynuts

    shoot i'm jealous!!

    how neat that you two got to meet up!!

    i live deep in the crotch of the bible belt in tn.. no one around me has given up being a jw! no one to meet!

  • JH

    Candid, come up north to the Wisconsin meetup !!!

    We would all love meeting ya

  • candidlynuts

    are you nuts? i cant afford gas to go to taco bell.

    how would i get to wisconsin? i may have wings but this bird dont fly LOL

    (be fun as heck though wouldnt it?)

  • JH
    how would i get to wisconsin?

    Have you tried UPS ?

    They deliver nation wide, really

  • purplesofa
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      What city in TN are you close to? I mean one that most people would recognize?


    • Odrade

      Emu BALLS??? Am I in the adult section? *looks around*

    • candidlynuts

      Healthy Pet Emu Meatballs gasp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm near nashville and i have no idea why this is formatting centered like this!! i guess the boards in shock too from the MEATBALLS!!! GASP!!!!

    • DanTheMan

      Hey candidlynuts, I'm pretty sure that Barbara and Joe Anderson live near Nashville.

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