do you?

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  • SixofNine

    "Jehovah"- so wrong it's almost comical.

  • Emma



  • carla

    I like Parakeet's response. I do not recognize the made up name though I understand some scholars do use it.

  • caligirl

    No and No.

    I would not disrespect my own father by calling him by his familiar name, why would I presume that God was ok with all of us doing it? Never made any sense to me.

    Secondly, no one is even sure that is the correct spelling/pronunciation- it is the "best guess" pronunciation. Can you imaging being God and having prayer fanatics like witnesses-who are not supposed to even eat a morsel of food without praying- mispronouncing your first name a gajillion times a day? Talk about annoying!! Hell, after 100 years of that, I'd be like " No, I'm not answering your damn prayer because I am &^%$^%*&*%^% sick and tired of you butchering my name!"

  • beautifulisfree

    Do I believe it's his name? I don't know

    Do I still use it? NO...even if it is his name I think that when I say God, Lord, heavenly Father he knows I'm talking to him. And I don't like using the name cause it makes me feel like I am still a witness

  • PrimateDave

    I don't believe in a god or gods. As far as translating a god's name from its original usage in another language, 'Jehovah' is well recognized in English, but is really no more correct than using 'Jesus'. Personally, when referring to the tribal war god of the ancient Israelites, I think I prefer to say Yahweh Elohim (Yahweh of the Gods). Yes, a territorial war god of an ancient polytheistic people. Monotheism was a post-exilic developement.

  • happy1975

    I don't really think it matters what his name is.


  • nicolaou
    The only god I worship is IP_SEC's belly. All others are null and void.

    You ought to try polytheism IP_SEC, there's another god a bit lower down who's definately up for some worship!

  • Warlock

    Yes..............and so did the demon who used that name when one of my friends asked it "Do you know what God's name is?"

    Warlock (believe it.........or not)

  • LovesDubs

    The lords prayer says, Our Father Who Art In Heaven Harold be thy Name :)

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