Italy beats France

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  • Midget-Sasquatch
    Yes, perhaps I was hasty in claiming that Zidane single-handedly cost the French the Cup, but I believe that his ejection placed additional pressure on the players taking the penalties. If he kept his head we may still be watching the final, since it was obvious that neither keeper was capable of stopping a penalty.

    I too believe that had Zidane remained for the shootouts, it would have made a huge difference in morale. More pressure on Italy would have probably made them blown a shot or two. Buffon was always launching himself in the opposite direction. I was honestly surprised that Italy did win it. I can understand the anger from hearing slurs. Zidane should have just told him to "Va Fa#$ulo".

    But I disagree with the French commentator saying it was a "little win". France was a good hard team and Italy did keep up with them. You may counter that they more dirty. Well, I felt for Zidane when his shoulder was hurt. But I don't think that one was on purpose. As for the rest, the referees weren't letting Italy get away with murder. They got called on alot their dirty fouls. (The penalty kick Zidane got for example). The refs also knew when the Italians were totally that rather pathetic dive taken in the corner by DelPiero (or Piero?) near the end of extra time. Come onnnnnnnnn...remember there are cameras?

    All in all, both teams played as well as they could. More truthfully, I'm just happy that it wasn't Brazil that got the cup this time.

  • Hellrider
    but I believe that his ejection placed additional pressure on the players taking the penalties.

    Yes, that might be right.

    According to a site I saw, which referenced Le Pen, Zidane stomped on a Saudi player 9 years ago when that player used the same epithet.

    Yes, I know. Part of the outrage over this whole headbutt-incident is because most people believe Zidane is such an honorable player. That`s not correct, he has thrown punches in the past too, in Spanish football. But still, compared to Mazzerati, he is a good-guy. Mazzerati is the kind of player that will intentionally try to injure other players, if he can get a chance to do it without the referee seeing it, or if he`s just in a bad mood. But I agree, it was a stupid move by Zidane. I`m happy for the italians, that they won, but I lost a bit of sympathy for them during the match. France should have gotten one more penalty kick, btw, when Gianluca Zambrotta tackled Henry inside the 16-meter in the beginning of the second half (on the other hand, that penalty kick in the first half wasn`t necessarily correct). So it`s ok that they won, because they were good, but I didn`t like the dirty tricks. Zidane is in my opinion the best player in the world, because he plays so smooth, almost never does dirty tackles, as he is good enough to drible his opponents without resorting to dirty tricks. The few times he does something bad, it`s usually not while the ball is in play, but after the whistle has blown, and he`s pissed of because of something, and he runs his mouth (or worse...). I feel bad for him, because winning the WC would have been such a great finale to his career. But it sure was stupid to do what he did, of course. I think he was also very frustrated. During the whole game, it was Zidane and Henry that were really working, really trying, the rest of the team weren`t as keen on winning as those two, it seemed. And when that fantastic heading didn`t go in in the second extra-round, it really got to him, I think...

  • Hellrider

    Zidane spoke out tonight (wednesday). He wouldn`t go into detail about what Mazzerati said, but says it was about his mother and sister...

    Here`s a new video of the headbutt, and you can clearly see from the footage that Mazzerati is talking some serious shit:

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