I've gone wireless!!!

by Elsewhere 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • codeblue


    sounds awesome!

  • under_believer

    Yeah I went wireless just to avoid having to run ethernet cables all over my house. As soon as I realized that I'd hit 7 items that needed to be hooked up (bedroom computer, HTPC, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, livingroom computer, Xbox, printer with ethernet capability) that was it--it was just too much trouble.

  • core

    done it!

    did not realise that main PC by the hub could be ethernet connected so bought too many PCI wireless adaptors but all working - took a while to set up first wirelsss m/c in daughters bedroom but all working well - much faster as well . Had a problem with the install prog for the hub as a program dedupit (I use it to clean databases) conflicted so deleted depupeit - installed hub and reinstalled dedupeit - all working OK - need a break now for coffee - and some cake after all that!

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