I've gone wireless!!!

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  • Elsewhere

    For years I have forgone using a wireless router at home... I never thought I would need or even want one. Well, while staying at Stevenyc's home in New York for a week, I have to say I'm sold! He has a great wi-fi setup and when I connected my notebook I suddenly discovered how great it is to be able to lounge around any part of the apartment looking at JWD and any other web site I'd like.

    Shortly after I got back from New York I ran out and bought a wireless router... and here I am in my living room with my notebook looking at JWD while watching Start Trek TNG in my under pants.

    The security on these wireless routers has improved dramatically since the old WEP days... I'm running WPA2-Personal with AES encryption. Hell, that is nearly impossible for even the NSA to break!

  • magoo

    ........elsewhere.....your wrong about your encryption being unbreakable.....your wearing polka dot underwear...


  • Highlander

    oh oh, now he's wearing no underwear!!!

  • Purza

    Congrats. I set up a wireless router about two years ago so that my daughter could have a computer in her room with internet access. I know you have a computer background and although I know computers a bit, it took HOURS on the phone with a friend to get the dang thing set up. It is a wonderful thing though and it makes it easy to cut off my daughter's access when she gets "grounded".


  • Elsewhere
    now he's wearing no underwear!!!

    Woo Hoo!

    *** Singing Free as a Bird by The Beatles ***

  • SirNose586

    Nice, I use a wireless router for my computer too. It would've been a hassle to get the cable up to my room.
    What's your down/up ratio?

  • Elsewhere

    According to: http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/

    Downloading: 6648 kbps
    Uploading: 352 kbps

    Not bad at all for wireless. The new 802.1n is far more fast, but I'm not willing to pay three times the cost of what I purchased.

  • SirNose586

    You've got a nice download speed. I just got 4199 kbps/351 kbps.
    I feel bad for my friend who has DSL. He's capped at ~300 kbps up and down, poor thing.

  • restrangled

    enjoy yourself, 4 out of the 5 computers in our home are wireless. It really does feel free doesn't it?


  • stevenyc
    and here I am in my living room with my notebook looking at JWD while watching Start Trek TNG in my under pants.

    Oh, I get it. NOW you keep your undies on!


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