I've gone wireless!!!

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  • Elsewhere
    Oh, I get it. NOW you keep your undies on!

    Hey, I'm not the one who has to wash your furniture now that I'm gone!

  • thecarpenter

    too much information

  • core

    Going wireless tomorrow...manuals look very complex - bit like the old days of setting up ISDN - will see how easy it is and if it can be setup without an engineer call! Using USB connectors for the PCs in the house so they simply plug in

  • Elsewhere

    I have an old BEFSR41 ver.2 (with the latest firmware) Linksys Wired Cable Modem / DSL Router if anyone in the DFW area wants it!

    It has served me very well over the years and needs a new home...

    *** Cover's the router's eyes ***

    ... otherwise I will be forced to toss it in the trash!

    Please help this router avoid such a horrible fate... come by and rescue it before it is too late!


    I also have an old Neatgear WG602 54 Mbps Wireless Access Point that I never used because I never could get the WEP encryption to work... so if security is not a concern for you this wireless access point is yours! Just come by and pick it up, or it will face the same fate that my old Linksys might suffer!

  • candidlynuts

    if it doesnt have wires how does it work? witchcraft? voodoo? you all scare me!!

    (still have a phone w/ a cord lol)

  • codeblue

    Our business laptop has wireless feature in it......

    Thank god........cause since we have been in our tiny apartment....it has SAVED me.......no internet access.

    This thing works great!!!

    I love it!!!

  • stillajwexelder

    801.11 G standard I assume - yes it is great I can grill steaks and have my laptop out on my patio -great technology.

  • Elsewhere
    Thank god........cause since we have been in our tiny apartment....it has SAVED me.......no internet access.

    lmao... and THAT, everyone, is why you should secure your wireless network! Otherwise someone might "borrow" your open air connection.

  • codeblue

    So Elsewhere..........what about Swirl winery next weekend with the newbies to Fort Worth?????????????????

    and the free internet connection people...........lol????????????????????????????

    PM me or email us; PLEASE!!!!


  • Elsewhere

    You've got a PM!

    I know we keep talking about it... but this time lets make some hard plans to get together!

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