JW's following me at Work? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

by Jolinar 22 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Jolinar

    the same guy was back today in the same shirt and at the same time. i've started to do something about it.

  • Bstndance

    Creepy. it's like a JW horror movie!!

  • LDH
    Call me paranoid but I think these people are following me and know I'm out here. I was even referred to as a lost sheep from the flock that had been found.

    Someone from your old congregation 'kindly' referred your name to elders in your new area.

    Listen to the JR Brown transcript, you will see that the JW intentionally keep congregations small so that they can monitor everyone. Watchtower's words--not mine.

    A restraining order won't work unless you know their names.

    Inform your manager that you are being harassed by customers.


  • zanex

    I know the feeling...im in a sort of similar situation but only difference is that I am stuck working with the witnesses that were stalking me...sadly they also know my parents/family etc that happens to be faithful witnesses...I took it up with management and they helped considerably taking care of it but ultimately i had to take the situation into my own hands and tell the witnesses involved to back off of me...after they asked me point blank if I was disfellowshipped in the freaking break room...lol. I told them yes...i probably didnt really know all of what I was doing...(more balls than brains sometimes) anyhow...they do leave me alone now tho....im sure they have spread the word about me in my office..good thing my boss and management staff are behind me 100%! doing good work pays off i guess...anyhow i guess my advice would be to tell em to take the long walk into a busy interstate...


  • Jolinar

    Yeah I can play the gay card and wear my ankh ring and many other things. Just tell them that I am no longer with them for a reason and that I am an outcast, he might leave me alone then. You think so? I think it is entirely possible that someone found out about me by referal or something like asking my mom about me and she would have said the area I moved out to without even realizing. I will target invididuals if I have to though one by one and there are a lot of police around whom which I know some of and have specific numbers by which to reach them. If things go beyond that they have a long harse nightmare ahead and if poked hard enough I do turn into Ahab without destroying myself in the process as I have with specific people in the past who have finally got the message. I could probably make things a living nightmare until they stop making my life one.

  • johnny cip
  • garbruce06atyahooo

    Their idea is to force you to either (1) come back, or (2) declare your to be an opposer (hence anti-God and them).

    Also they stalk and harass to try to intimidate. For example I've had rocks thrown on top of my roof, my door crowbar prized, goofball noises on my phone and the like. I was in a congregation where a JW was sent to prison and the elders wanted everybody to shut up.

    You're far from alone. From comments I've read by others sometimes the harassment continues from the day you stop attending or it stays quiet a long time when you leaven and then they start it up.

    Perhaps they're also getting fruitcakier than ever because they are desperate to beat people out of the bushes back into the kingdom halls to get up their number and donations of money.

    Their only real growth in the U.S. is in the Spanish speaking congregations. I wish those good at Spanish would start websites like this in Spanish to blunt their growth and roll it back.

  • Jolinar

    well i will do something if i see need fit say if he keeps it up with me but so far he just comes in every day (even today and i wasn't at work) and stares at the tv and such. maybe he's homeless or not doing well off and comes there to watch violent movies we have up. he did say he made paper airplanes or maybe he wants to be a hippocrit but if other witnesses came over they'd know so he has to come to the store to do it. who knows but as long as he leaves me alone i'm fine but he has no more chances with me and i can very easily at the push of a button have him thrown out of the store, it's that simple.

  • Jim_TX

    He might just be a homeless (or lonely) person.

    He also might be a JW who is 'pioneering', and getting in his hours in a very creative way - by approaching people in a retail store.


    Jim TX

  • jgnat

    Yeah. At least in a store there's air conditioning and the hired help are too polite to shut the door in your face. I give the guy ten points for creativity.

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