The Mastercard "Priceless" commerical revamped for JW's

by truthseeker 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • truthseeker

    I'll start one and then you follow!


    "Fill her up regular please" out on field service - $10 on debit Mastercard

    Dunkin donuts with the dubs - $6 on debit Mastercard

    Approved hotel for 3 days at the District Convention - $450 on debit Mastercard

    Learning about the cover-ups of the Society - Priceless

  • TTS

    that was priceless!

  • Honesty

    Truthseeker said it all.

  • serendipity

    HI TTS & welcome!

  • jayhawk1

    More of an LDH twist...

    tape recorder for J.R. Brown interview... $20 on mastercard

    bottle of aspirin after listening to J.R. Brown talk for 20 minutes... $2 on mastercard

    posting it on the web for all to hear...


  • rassillon


  • greendawn

    Filling up tank with petrol (gas) to drive around for JW related activities two meetings per week at KH, one at a JW house, four for going out to preach their twisted gospel plus the occasional assemblies/conventions.

    Does the WTS reimburse its members for these fuel expenses? No. Because jehovah will richly bless his servants in due time for all their sacrifices.

    Is sacrificing for the WTS the same as sacrificing for God? They claim it is but this is just a ploy to exploit their members.

  • Pistoff

    Gas for field service during my lifetime: 5,000.

    Money for suits worn to meeting: 5,000.

    Therapy after my son DF'd during his clinical depression: 5,000.

    Learning the truth about the "truth" after 31 years in:


  • DannyHaszard

    In case you need cash to go

    Watchtower Money for protest and awareness

  • truthsetsonefree

    How about this:
    Time spent resting with family.….Dead Works
    Time spent furthering your education to improve your life…..Dead Works
    Time spent exercising / improving health………..………..Dead Works
    Time spent on a hobby………......Dead Works
    Time spent preaching current changing truths, studying current changing publications and 5 weekly meetings totaling up to at least 40 hrs per month......................Priceless

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