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  • jayhawk1

    I have a speech to do for college speech class. It is to be a persuasive speech and I figured a good topic would be; "Are Jehovah's Witnesses Rational?" Certainly with my background (being raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses, then shown the ugly side while still an active member, and finally researching the truth about Jehovah's Witnesses) gives me a wealth of information to pull from. What should I talk about? Here's what I thought I should have...

    Beth Sharim (Spelling?)



    Child Abuse


    Their desire to see almost all the world's population dead

    Any suggestions? Where to look? What to say? Other sub-topics I should cover? My goal is to do a fair and honest speech and let the audience make their own personal opinion.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I would reccomend a speach that discusses how the society lays out a line of crap, ie: 1925 and 1975 and then blames their followers for believeing it. This is very compelling as to how unreasonable and controlling they are. Shows they are a bit bonkers too. It would show a couple of things, they set dates, they drop dates and they blame everyone but themselves. There are plenty of threads that discuss this and have the quotes to show they blamed "a few" who let thier expectations overcome their reason. Lying old farts.


  • Hoping4Change

    Disfellowhipping and the treatment of DF/DA ones and its' affects on family.

  • SirNose586

    Spelling: Beth Sarim. There's also Beth Shan but there's less info on that house.
    You could talk about how although Russel is credited with founding the religion, all or nearly all of his writings have been dismissed, and much the same goes for Rutherford.
    You could talk about how rational it is to claim a widely acknowledged and chronicled event (destruction of Jerusalem in 587 BC) happened 20 years earlier, and bandy about the word "historicity" in their publications, when they consider "secular history as merely advisory." See http://www.607v587.com/ .

  • Inquisitor


    Given that yours is a class presentation, I'm guessing that your speech is suppose to be 10-20 mins long. With that time frame in mind, it's probably best to limit yourself to 2-3 topics only. I mean each of those topics you've listed do have some chunky material: basis of beliefs, arguments and counter-arguments, impact on JWs, former JWs and wider community etc. Best to make it slim but spicy. Don't sacrifice delivery for content.

    That's my two cents.


  • M.J.

    The circular logic of the following:

    1. We believe our organization has been chosen by God because its teachings are correct.

    2. We know the organization's teachings are correct because the organization has been chosen by God.

  • Honesty

    Here's a little something to get you started:


  • jayhawk1

    Based on the "slim but spicy" idea offered by Inquisitor, if you was in my classroom, which topic would interest you the most? Thanks to Jehovah's Witnesses I do enjoy public speaking, so I am looking forward to getting this speech ready.

  • Gopher

    This site and freeminds documents a lot of doctrinal flip-flops, a.k.a. "new light". Any time the WT Society sees it has been in error, instead of admitting to it, it will introduce the revision as proof of God's guidance on them.

    Often during their literature campaigns, they will get rid of their old stock of literature, some of which has the 'old light'. This indicates they are more a literature-publishing organization then one that believes what it teaches. And yet if any other member finds out you don't believe 100% of what is taught, you can become a subject of elders' inquisitions. How rational is that?

  • Uzzah

    How about the following:

    Double Speak within Religious Organizations - A Case study of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Begin with a quick overview of beliefs, then read verbatim Watchtower quotes versus what JR Brown recently said in his interview iwth LDH (recent threads available as well as recording of interview).

    It should be interesting for the audience but also very revealing to all.

    Have fun!


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