I am so ashamed...

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  • smellsgood

    Just think of all the people who were never dogmatized into that mindset who to this day don't have the appreciation for this that you just expressed.
    Even if you came to it late in life, at least you feel that now.
    It's always a tragedy when soldiers die, but thank goodness there are those willing to make that sacrifice in the face of tyranny or opression. Respect.


  • free2beme

    I remember as a Witness being told these men should be respected, as we were benefiting from their sacrifice to have religious freedom. Although, it was always added that this would not have been needed if people accepted Jehovah's way of doing things.

  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry

    "And yet for almost 30 years I distained these people as enemies of God. Distained their sacrafice as worthless. I stand here today to ask forgiveness of those who laid down their lives that I may be free."

    What a beautiful expression of humility! Feel no shame brother, for it is the way JW’s are taught to believe. I also grew up in the Vietnam era, and I remember being ridiculed by my teachers and other students for refusing to salute the flag while in junior high school. It was brutal, but I thought I was doing the right thing. I never really held anyone in contempt, because I never really allowed much personal thought about any of the JW policies I followed. If the mighty Watchtower Society said it was bad, well it was to be avoided. I never really thought much about it. Wasn't that stupid of me? I never questioned anything until I started thinking for myself, about the age of 16 or so. But once I finally left back in 1979 (I was 24), I started the process of exploring how I felt about all the shit I had been trained to believe in. One of the wonderful discoveries I found out about myself was the gratitude I felt for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for my personal freedoms. I love this country and those who have fought on our behalf for our freedoms.

    Thank you veterans, for the sacrifices you have made for us.

  • Justice-One

    I remember one of those early religious shows on TV had a caller on this subject. I swear he sounded just like a JW. He procedded to tell the man that soldiers if they killed in battle were just murderers. And that just being in the military was a sin, and for the most part made you a murderer.

    He told the man to do him a favor. Find the nearest military base, (preferably a Marine base) then find the local watering hole the soldiers liked to frequent. Go there one night and tell them they are all murderers, and that being in the military is a sin.

    I can only hope he did....and got the beating he deserved.

    I also feel bad that at one time, many many years ago, that I felt the same way. I now hold the men that "stand ready to do violence, so I may sleep soundly at night" in very high regard. On more than one occassion I have dug DEEP into my wallet on Veteran's Day, and brought a big smile to the faces of old men in uniform looking for donations.

  • heathen

    If it makes you feel better , they hated you as a j-dub as well . Tho never a j-dub I still don't wish to glorify the act of conventional warfare .

  • Justice-One
    Tho never a j-dub I still don't wish to glorify the act of conventional warfare .

    Yeah, unconventional is so much more fun.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I have come to the conclusion that wars and armies are a symptom, not something to commend. The Nazi's were patriotic for thier fighting men and cheered them on too. In this life we are truly responsible for ourselves and the decisions we make. If you want to see it as appreciation to view things in a general way, without seeing each war and faction as different, I think you will certainly sanction any action taken by those brave few who fight for our freedoms. The Viet Vets will beg to differ with you. I would not be surprised if eventually those brave boys in Iraq will tire of dying for slogans and stand up to say, "enough."

    If you want to go and die for the government I certainly wouldn't stop you. I just know that we are the result of chance birth into the society we arrive in. The superior life is the lengthy one lived with respect for others. If that includes killing a few so we can accept a certain mindset, well, its not us dying and seldom is it us doing the killing so we can drop a few coins in the cans of Vets and watch a parade. The true appreciation comes in exercising the rights they fought to defend, including the hatred of wars and the fighting of them. If we cannot desent, we are spitting on thier graves.


  • Justice-One
    The true appreciation comes in exercising the rights they fought to defend, including the hatred of wars and the fighting of them. If we cannot desent, we are spitting on thier graves.

    I agree for the most part. However I draw the line at those who wish to burn the flag, (the symbol of our country) spit on soldiers....or call them murderers.

    The superior life is the lengthy one

    I do not agree at all. True it is good to live a nice long life....but at what price?

  • carla

    they hated you as a j-dub as well ----They did? who? The soldiers (Army), warriors (Marines), sailors (Navy), and airmen (Airforce)?

  • greendawn

    When someone does things that are of benefit to you you must aknowledge that, in the modern world the western democracies with their constitutionally guaranteed rights haven't been bad for the dubs to the contrary they have been too soft on them, and they certainly wouldn't have liked to live under the Nazis. Many a judge ruled in their favour. But they are an ungrateful lot.

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