Why did vegetarian Abel tend a "flock" on a tropical earth?

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  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    to prepare a good breed for Noah ???

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Cain did "fieldwork" and thought he deserved God's favour

  • under_believer
    Cain did "fieldwork" and thought he deserved God's favour

    Boo, hiss. Pretty punny.

  • peacefulpete

    The oddness results from the fact that these are two separate stories from separate authors. The first creation story (chapt 1) is from a priestly author it was he who made all the fuss about vegetation being food while animals (with blood) not. This is likely because of later obsession with blood sacrifices. The second creation story is around a hundred years older and doesn't have the vegetarian angle. In fact it is Yahweh who makes skin clothes and blesses the herdman Abel in chapters 2-4. Chapter 9 is again by the priestly author of the first creation story and again he is insisting that vegetables were the only approved food before the flood.

  • under_believer
    Chapter 9 is again by the priestly author of the first creation story and again he is insisting that vegetables were the only approved food before the flood.

    You lost me there--isn't the vegetable sacrifice rejected, while the animal sacrifice is approved? How would this cause the reader to conclude that vegetables were the approved food?

  • anewme

    That was a good question M.J. ....and very creative answers from everyone!

  • freedomlover

    *** Not many wimmins on earth yet? ****


    can anyone say ......BAAAHHHHH!!!????? poor sheep.

  • rassillon

    They make good fertilizer.

    Able was using the fertilizer to make his own crops better.

    This pissed off Cain cause he didn't think of it first.

    Able got praise for having nicer crops and his sisters thought he was HOT.

    Cain got mad cause he was a stupid dirt farmer with no sheep shit for his garden.

    He tried to screw one of Able's sheep to release the tension.

    Able caught him and he was embarrased.

    To cover over this Cain asked Able to come see his crops and give him some advice.

    Able went, Cain killed him cause he said he was going to tell everyone he was a sheep f**ker, Cain went back and screwed his sheep.

    God caught him screwing the sheep and asked "why are you copulating with your brothers sheep, by the way where is he"

    Cain gave a smart ass response cause nobody would let him finish screwing the sheep.

    God got pissed at him and made the sheep he was screwing kick him in the head.

    God told everyone not to mess with the guy with the hoof print on his forehead cause he is just a poor dirt farming sheep f**ker.

    the end.

  • TD

    The act of keeping sheep in and of itself is a feature of an established society that already has knowledge of a number of technologies.

    Sheep aren't generally kept for their milk or meat. Goats have them beat on both counts. Sheep are kept for their wool. As M.J. asks; Why would you need wool in a tropical climate?

    Even if we assume for some odd reason that a tiny handful of humans in a hot, humid environment had some need for wool, what would it take to get it?

    First sheep have to be shorn and wool, is dense, gummy, and tough. It takes a pair of metallic shears to do this and not hurt the sheep in the process.

    Next the wool has to be washed and not just with water. (Wool repels water like you wouldn't believe.) Some sort of detergent, even if it is only primitive lye-soap (Made from lye and animal fat) is required to get rid of the unbelievable amount of grease that sheep skin naturally secretes into the wool. This is called "yolk" and it attracts a huge amount of extra fine dirt that must be washed out as well.

    Next the wool has to be carded. This basically consists of drawing it repeatedly between two fine wire combs. Nowadays, this is done by machine, but it can be done by hand as well. Eventually the wool gets drawn into long straight strands commonly called "worsted yarn." Like shears, making wire again requires a knowledge of metalurgy and all that goes with it. (e.g. Mines, furnaces, etc.)

    Even if we assume that nothing more advanced takes place, the primitive yarn has to be woven and this requires a loom. Without considering the process of inventing such a thing, it still requires woodworking skill, and the tools to go with it. (Which in and of itself requires lots more metalurgy)

    It takes tools to make tools. Every manufactured product sits on top of a pyramid of other technologies. Wool is no exception

  • IP_SEC
    Cain went back and screwed his sheep.

    Finally a logical answer to the age ol' question: Where did Kain get his wife?

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