J.R. Brown conversation and transcript

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    If this was my baby, this might be viewed as gratuitous self-promotion. Fortunately, I can send this bttt without any guilt!

    Oh, by the way...bttt

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    I don't know if you would call us mainstream, that would be for others to decide, but we have in no way made the claim that here we are above others in any way, or that we have some special pipeline to God or special information.

    This is a lie. An out-and-out lie. And the Congregation Book Study will soon be considering as current truth the book that makes this a lie.

    *** re chap. 3 p. 16 pars. 6-7 Things That Must Shortly Take Place ***6 God had a channel for communicating Revelation in John’s day, and John was the earthly part of that channel. Likewise, God has a channel for giving spiritual nourishment to his ‘slaves’ today. In his great prophecy concerning the conclusion of the system of things, Jesus identified the earthly part of this channel as “the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time.” (Matthew 24:3, 45-47) He uses this John class in unlocking the meaning of the prophecy.
    7 The apostle John writes that Jesus presented Revelation “in signs,” or symbols. These are vivid and thrilling to examine. They depict dynamic activity and should, in turn, stir us to zealous efforts in making known to others the prophecy and its meaning. Revelation presents for us a number of electrifying visions, in each of which John participated either actively or as an observer. Those of the John class, some of whom have shared for upwards of 70 years in the fulfillment of these visions, are happy that God’s spirit has unlocked the meaning so that they can explain it to others.

    A pipeline claimed...as a specially chosen channel...that receives special information. J.R. Brown, for shame sir! You have in EVERY way made the claim that your organization's leadership is above others, that you have some special pipeline to God, AND that you receive special information.

    and the JWs smile and nod at it all from the sidelines...led by the blind.


  • sf


    You are sending these to the news outlets and the victims attorneys, right?

    What's funny is how JR Brown sounds like he's "counting time". LOL


  • looking_glass

    Actually what I am wondering about is 1) what basis the perv got df'd on 2) if he admitted to any physical contact w/ any minor. So if the org does not condone this type of behavior, if the guy repents and gets reinstated, will his "record" follow him or will he be wiped clean and made new?

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