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  • jstalin

    I need some tips for fun places to go or things to do on a date.... I'm running out of ideas and I'm sick of the "go to the bar then to the club" kind of dates. Anyone have any ideas for me?

  • daystar

    Is this a first date?

    A comedy club is good for first dates. It can serve to break the ice and you can get a fair idea of the other's sense of humor.

  • jstalin

    Nope, not a first date, but just getting started in this relationship... so let's say from the 3rd date onward...

  • Leolaia

    Go to an amusement park.

    Go to a restaurant which doubles as a cooking school and spend time in the kitchen with your date making your meal.

    Go to an improv or comedy show.

    Go to a coffee shop where a guitarist is performing live.


    Ask your date what she likes to do to get ideas.

  • Jim_TX

    Go on 'Road Trips' - weekends - Saturday or Sunday. I know that around here, I can go 30 - 90 miles out of town, and visit small towns that almost always have some carnivals or other activities going on. Along the way (travelling), there is the opportunity to sight-see, and talk - getting to know each other.

    Another idea... pack a lunch in a cooler - along with sodas, and head out of town. Stop at a rest stop (preferrably one that is not sooo popular - perhaps one that is on a side road), and have a picnic. The weather is nice (or hopefully it is where you are), and just being out in the country can be exhilerating.

    Going to small towns, window shopping - or visiting antique shops - good for getting to know/learn the likes/dislikes of each other. Also great for laughter.

    There are lottsa other things that one can do... I'll need to think about it... and get back to ya later.


    Jim TX

  • blondie

    When my husband and I were first dating:

    1. Went to an exotic restaurant

    2. Went to a state park near our locale, picnicked and hiked

    3. He made me dinner.........great to see his domestic side

  • CountryGuy

    The third or fourth date for Wayne and I was one of the most memorable.

    He came over to my apartment with a sack of groceries and cooked me a complete dinner. At some point during the first couple of dates, he had asked me what kind of food I liked. I think he also got some ideas from a mutual friend (who set us up on our first blind date). After dinner, we listened to some music and just talked for a couple of hours. Of course, early on, talking is great because everything is interesting and they haven't heard your stories a hundred times.

    Have fun!

  • daystar

    Ooh! I just thought about something I love doing for a date! There is a local Shakespeare in the Park that is always a great time. We just bring a blanket (or beach chairs) and a bottle of wine and it's always a beautiful time.

    Here is a site that lists Shakespeare Festivals around the states and in some other countries -

  • damselfly

    <div>I've never been on a date (yes I'm very serious) but I now want to date Leolaia, those sound like great ideas!

  • skeeter1

    Goony golf, golf driving range, horseback riding, dance lessons, visit the zoo/museum, rent a boat/fishing (lots of time to talk), horse races,

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