About half the DF's go back? Really?

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  • undercover
    Half come back? Of those, how many are DF'd again or become inactive or irregular? The other half didn't come back, they are gone for good. No more pretense for them. And the DA's rarely go back either.

    From my experience of observing lots of different ones getting DFd over the years, I would say about half that got DFd did get reinstated and out of those that got reinstated, at least half, if not more, became inactive.

    Technically speaking, half may get reinstated, but in reality it's more like 20-25% that actually go back to becoming a practicing Jehovah's Witness.

    How does the WTS count reinstated ones on the tally sheet at the end of the year? Are they "new"? Or do the number of publishers just go up? Or do the number of DFd ones offset the number of reinstated ones and it's a wash? Or do they just make up a bunch of shit and pass it off as the official count?

  • lilybird

    In our congregation a young brother was DF'd.. not sure what for. His parents were staunch JWs. This young ex-brother married a girl who not a witness and his mother preached to her and had a bible study with her and his young wife eventually became a baptised JW as well.. This young brother , I think mostly because of his new wife believing.. gradually became re-instated as a good standing JW.. They were nice people we hung out with a few times as young couples.. I wonder if they have stayed JWs.

  • rocky220

    Didn't have anything inside[truth be told] was DF'd in 1978, and was invited to come back 20+ years later......and they'll are still waiting. I dont fancy all the petty rules and regulations which have nothing to do with the Bible and how dare the WT portray God as a meddlesome, sexist and petty. You would think the God of the Universe would have some more important to think about than failed profecies, whether sisters where pants or not, whether brothers where beards or not, hair styles becoming of a "christian", how to make love to your own darn husband, and it goes on, and on, and on....whew! Go back to what???!!!!!


    [from the free with peace of mind and wouldn't change a thing class]

  • RunningMan

    DFing is a traumatic experience, and it wouldn't surprise me if a significant number return, at least for a while.

    The point, however, is that many of the ones who are truly determined to get out never get dfed. They simply piss on the whole system by walking away and never looking back. So, while it is possible that half of dfed ones go back, I would bet that 90% of the total number who get out, never look back.

  • Cordelia

    I'm dfed and so nearly went back, put one letter in but got refused, the only reason i ever would tho would be for family to stop their hurt, but i would leave again straight away,

    but now i figure if i did that and left they would still be hurt, but then they could also come to my house anytime they wanted and hence i prob be dfed again!!!!

    so yeah i guess brown is right.

  • tijkmo

    i went back....after begging several times

    i then did everything i should have in order to try and get back friends family and faith...answered, read, gave talks, visited the sick..even pioneered...all the time i was trying to resolve an issue that had arisen while i was df and therefore couldnt defend myself in to an increasing disinterested group of people..

    i didnt fade

    i made a stance...set a date...and i havent been back since

    the scripture in corinthians where paul tells the cong to confirm their love for the reinstated one says that if you dont he will become overly sad and would be handed over to the devil...

    my df-ing was down to something i did..(regardless of the fact that i was repentant and suffering a complete breakdown at the time i was still in the wrong)

    my destruction at armageddon!!! is their fault

    wonder how jehovah will handle that...

    forgive them...destroy me probably

    seems fair....cant come soon enough

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