That's it. I'm selling my books - over 700 of them.

by Lady Lee 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    It's time to let them go. The majority of the books are abuse related or about recovery. Many are academic books.

    I'm not selling the cult related books.

    This is going to be hard to do but I have a small apartment and no where to put things. So time to grit my teeth and let them go.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    oops forgot to add - has anyone used e-bay? How does it work? What about shipping costs?

  • Balsam

    Lady Lee,

    I've sold some books on ebay but find it easier and more simple to use Amazon. There is no bidding just the price you put on the book. You might want to do that after checking to see what the prices are for the used books. They have many used books on there that are sold, and prices vary widely. I know myself I usually buy the used books because their cheaper. Oh the shipping fee is set and already figured for you.

    Now if you want to sell say a group of simular books on ebay you can do that. You'll need a digital camera and put them on there and let people bid on them. Still in the long run if you put them individually on Amazon I think you will come out ahead. Good Luck


  • Broken Hearted
    Broken Hearted

    Lady Lee

    I have only used ebay to buy things, Not sure what is all involved in selling, I can tell you though that shipping is charged to the buyer. Sometimes I wonder if their shipping cost they advertise is real. Example, I was looking to buy a bluetooth ear piece for my cell phone. The bids started out at 99 Cents however their shiping cost were 34.00. I doubt that completely so I looked around until i found one that was reasonable. ended up paying 22.00 total for the ear piece including the shipping.

  • Dansk

    Careful, Lee! I know it's difficult having a small apartment but, if you love your books, it might be better putting them into storage. A friend of mine got rid of all his books some months back - and is now purchasing again!


  • wednesday

    I agree about I buy from there all the time and I always buy used books. They have a much simpler system than ebay.(to me)

  • FreeFromWTBS

    WIth Books Amazon is the way to go. You only pay them a percentage if the book sells. You set the price you want and you can even set your vacations so that your listings will be temporarily removed

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I want to echo what Ian said. I've sold things before and regretted them. I once had a comic book collection that today would be worth several thousand dollars (thanks for the pressure to sell Mom).

    Give yourself some time to think this over. Say until the end of summer. If you still want to get rid of them at that time, do it. Otherwise you might regret letting them go.

  • littlerockguy

    Lady I would agree with trying to find a way to keep them, or maybe go through the collection and maybe thin it out some. I have found myself getting other copies of books I have given away. I live in a small apartment with 2 bookshelves but I keep some of my books at my father's; certain books are becoming increasingly valuable and reprints or newer additions are coming out with softcover which I think is so much cheaper in quality than hardback (not to mention more expensive). Big Tex, I LOVE your's and Cruzenheart's book collection!! LRG

  • greendawn

    If you are reluctant to sell them can't you find someone with plenty of space to store them for you, or at least say the 100 books you like most out of the lot?

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