I'm new at this drinking business give me tips

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  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    Brutusmaximus wrote:

    "If I have partaken of the vodka redbull mix then not only can't I sleep but my wee fella stands to attention all night, magic "


    CS 101

  • jstalin

    jstalin's rules to avoid a hangover (even after drinking LOTS)

    1. Eat before you start drinking

    2. Have a glass of water in between drinks

    3. Just before you go to bed, drink so much water that you feel like you're gonna puke

    4. Down an Advil or two

    5. Have a glass of milk in the morning

  • james_woods

    And for the good of yourself not to mention the rest of mankind,

    don't drive your car --- a cab is really cheap insurance.

  • daystar


    I don't know about the problem you're having where you're suddenly wide awake. It's never happened to me or anyone that I know of.

    As far as the hangover goes, here's what I've done that has worked, other than, you know, not drinking:

    Eat a full dinner before starting to drink.

    Drink a full glass of water and take two aspirin.

    Intersperse glasses of water in between your drinks.

    Before going to bed, drink/take as many of the following as you can, or can remember to:

    Glass of water


    Orange Juice

    V-8/tomato juice

    Apple juice


    In the morning, again, drink/take as many of the above as you can. Except rather than aspirin, take BC Powder.

    You will feel fine.

  • brutusmaximus


    No wonder you don't drink, how can you keep all that stuff down after being on the piss. That has got BARFMANIA written all over it

    Irn Bru in the morning thats the ticket


  • daystar


    Naw, I've not puked on alcohol in years. My tolerance is rather high and I don't drink nearly as much as I have in the past.

  • whyamihere

    I got some tips:

    Don't drive.

    Drink with close friends.(someone needs to help you crawl home, or hold your hair back)

    Purchase good laundry detergent. ( I swear, I get alot of grass stains on my knees)


  • brutusmaximus

    Grass stains on your knees!! Fantastic my kind of girl. You bring the detergent I'll bring the vodka redbull


  • diamondblue1974
    Drink with close friends.(someone needs to help you crawl home, or hold your hair back)

    My better half will agree with you there; I remember picking her up from a drunken night out with her friend and god what a mess! I spent most of the early hours of the morning and the following morning holding her hair back as she exited the contents of her stomach!

    Where was her friend through all this, thats what I want to know?

    ( I swear, I get alot of grass stains on my knees)

    Now you cant make a comment like that and expect no filthy comments back Brooke...me however I am too much of a gentleman


  • Keeli

    Grass stains on the knees? I wish I ended up with grass stains just on my knees. I get them on my elbows at the same time too.


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