They took my money!

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  • whatlite?

    Okay, well I'm another newbie but maybe I will find a few people to be appauled with me.

    I have been shunned by my entire family..father, 3 sisters and a brother, 4 aunts 5 uncles, and countless cousins. The best part of it is I'm not even DF'd. I wrote my dad a letter a year ago just telling him about the UN thing. That did. I must be an apostate! They cut me off quicker then an arm with gangreen.

    Anyway this year I sent my dad and his wife an anniversary card with $75.00 in it and told them to have a nice meal on me. They cashed it! Dad didn't even call or anything. Now doesn't that just take the cake.

    Is my family the only crazies out there?


  • restrangled

    No dear, this is very typical. We have many relatives who have cashed checks, accepted gifts etc. as JW's and then promptly announced they do not celebrate. (Christmas, birthdays, or their anniversary)

    Worse yet, some have shown up at Christmas time, parading around like scrooge and then wait for their presents from family members who are not JW's.

    My suggestion is never send money or buy any gift again.

    It never ends.


  • serendipity

    HI whatlite & welcome!

    Your story, while disturbing, is not that uncommon.

  • looking_glass

    come on JWs are the cheapest people in the world and if they get "free" money, they are going to keep it.

  • Nina

    Lemme chose to send a card and enclose money as a gift, and now you're complaining because they accepted the gift?

    You knew they were shunning you. Did you really think money would make them call? You thought you could BUY them?


  • kwr

    There is nothing unique about your family. I sent my neices and nephews a card with a monetary gift. I did not receive one thank you note or even a phone call. They are not religious at all.

  • parakeet

    Someone posted a thread here in the last week or two about being shunned by the whole family. Then out of the blue, they called to ask for money. I don't know what the poster ultimately decided to do, but everyone here told her to toss them off the back porch faster than a dead Easter chick. People like that are users with no love for anyone but themselves.

  • Finally-Free


    And the next time you feel the need to send someone money, send it to me. If nothing else, at least you'll get a thankyou card.


  • Scully

    How would you feel if you found out that the money you gave your folks as a gift ended up in the Contribution Box™ at the Kingdom Hall?

    I'm not saying that this is what happened with your gift money, but maybe next time it will stop you from being so generous with people who do not merit your generosity. If they aren't talking to you, do they really deserve to be rewarded for that, and to have that behaviour reinforced with a gift of cash?

    I've been asked by my non-JW siblings to contribute to a group gift for my JW folks' anniversary every year too. Finally last year I said I no longer wanted to participate in the farce if I was going to be excluded from "family" social events. I have better things to do with my money than give it to people who engage in psychological and emotional abuse against me and my family. I bet you do too. Next anniversary, if you are inclined to send a card, do so. But use the money on a nice evening out with your loved ones, and include a note in your folks' anniversary card how you had a lovely evening out in their honour.

  • Uzzah

    First, it was your choice to send it, so I think it is kinda petty to complain about them accepting it. That said...
    My (at the time JW mother) kicked my siblings and I out when I was 13. She is/was emotionally unbalanced (alcoholic) and a pariah, materially and emotionally. She faded from the JW's when the charity dried up. I have had about 5 moments of contact with her over the past 25-30 years. No regrets because each visit convinced me no association is the best thing for all involved. I would have suffered in so many ways if we had have maintained a close relationship. I left the J-dubs about 9 years ago
    3 years ago on my birthday (she didn't know I was no longer a Dub), she sent me a cheque. Albeit an interesting outreach given our history, I could not accept it. I wasn't rude about it, I simply didn't cash it. Yet most Witnesses have no such conscience about accepting Christmas, birthday or other such gifts. The JW cult breeds and fosters selfishness!
    I guess my other point is that sometimes people are emotional vampires. They don't know how to give back, just take. Unfortunately this sometimes includes family members. I made teh choice years ago not to allow myself to be abused in this way. Many Witnesses fall int this category. I don't know your family but if they are emotional pariahs, then perhaps you are better off not having them active in your life.]
    Just food for thought.

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