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    choosing life

    First,be patient if I make mistakes here-I am new to posting. I have been a lurker for about a year now.I finally decided to join the conversation,but must be careful due to family still in. The new article in the August Awake has completely blown the witnesses stand on blood. They even admit that hemoglobin makes up 33% of red blood cells which are a forbidden component for JWs. Secular sources place that at 97%-neither is a small fraction. They also admit that blood is the only "organ" in the body that is a fluid. So what is the difference between blood as an organ transplant and other transplants? And do people realize that this hemoglobin may be coming from a cow? Why do they forbid the safest way to replenish needed blood-storing our own God given blood in case of need? Yet they allow this hemoglobin.

    I work in the health care field and this is one of the things that started me questioning the sanity of this religion. I cannot believe I actually bought all this propaganda-I've been in for over 30 years. By the way, I appreciate all the support I have gotten from all your posts this past year. You have helped me maintain my sanity.Keep up the good work. You don't know who you are helping.

    choosing life

  • LDH

    As Elder Mel Robertson used to say, "You done good."


    Now that you are a member, go to the PRIVATE forum and read the thread about the phone call/Cano/Pedophile situation.


  • Emma

    Welcome to the forum; your comments are most welcome.

    They put the symbol of life before life itself.

  • bebu

    Welcome choosing life! Great first post. I just love the big crop of newbies.

    Thanks for pointing out what the article said. Are there others who are finding this disturbing? Do you think that the recent articles to not murmer against the FDS are related to this change?


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  • kid-A

    They also admit that blood is the only "organ" in the body that is a fluid. So what is the difference between blood as an organ transplant and other transplants?

    First, welcome to the board and please post lots.

    Yes, their distinction is absurd. The blood is an organ and conceptually the accceptance of organ transplants and banning of blood transfusions is absurd. There was a time when they banned all organ transplants and even vaccines. While they flip flopped on these issues, they really cant completely abandon the blood ban because they have completely painted themselves into a corner. I believe an outright mea culpa from the WTS would make them vulnerable to countless lawsuits and they would never take that risk. I think they have known for decades that the blood ban is scientifically and scripturally complete and utter bullshit, but I think they will cling to this "key to martyrdom" until the bitter end.

  • Warlock


    Welcome and thank you for having the courage to finally get on. I know it was hard.

    When I did it, I felt guilty for doing it, but it was the right thing to do. So just remember, you are doing the right thing.


  • wednesday

    welcome to part of our world.

    you will be able to access the private forum by just clicking "active" topics .

    thank you for your post.

    always hope what we say will help others.


  • james_woods

    Welcome to your first posting, seems you have been here in the background for a while.

    I am getting the feeling that the more the WT waffles around on what part of blood is ok, what part is not, it would seem that the issue gets more and more complicated. And this blood card stuff, and the hospital liason committee? I could imagine that the ordinary witness barely knows what the real rules are anymore.

    When I was in during the 1970s to 1980, none of this complication existed - it was just no blood transfusion and that was that. No liason, you or your family just told your doctor what you wanted to.

    Your post seems to me to be quite to the point. There just isn't any logic at all to accepting blood fractions, if you truly believe that the life-blood should be poured out onto the ground. The more they try to explain it, the more this doctrine is revealed to be phony.

    As you are in the health-care industry, I would imagine you have quite a few comments of other past watchtower medical quackery. I never knew how much of that there was until I started reading this site...


  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi choosing life, and welcome to the board, I am so glad to see you here.


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