Seventh Day Adventists

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  • barry

    Ive never heard about the ban on immunision thing SDAs run many hospitals around the world and dont refuse any medical procedures. A few small Adventist groups wear old fashioned cloths like the Amish but most live in the modern world . Adventists arent as united as the JWs and there are many small sub groups with strange idears.

  • barry

    Gday Poppers Yea I like Fawlty towers it is currently being played here in oz.

  • wednesday

    the doc who delivered my second baby was a SDA. My baby was born on Saturday. He teased me about forcing him to work on the sabbath. He knew I was a jws . I once talked to him about an area of concern and he asked if I had talked to the elders. He actually wondered if he should talk to the elders himself, then decided he should not.

    He was a really nice person, I recall him fondly.

    I have grown up around SDA, seems they used to be many more here but now their presence is minimal. The baptist ,church of christ own this area.

    The "Word of Faith" used to own this area, along with the Bahi (sp) faith, but I believe the WOF people are in Flordia now,and not sure about bahi's. I've always sort of wondered about he bahi's.

  • restrangled

    Just one more note, 7th day Adventists are huge here in Florida. There are as many churches here as there are congregations for the JW's.


  • barry

    Gday Restrangled, Isnt Florida a largely retirement area? That would explain the large number of churches their. All that healthfull liveing means SDAs live longer and more healthy lives than the general population. Off course the SDAs that dont practice health reform have the same ailments as the general population.

  • wednesday

    Guess I'd be a really bad SDA, I love coffeee way too much and diet soda .

  • looking_glass

    I have a close friend who recently married a guy who was raised a SDA. Initially his family told them that they would not go to the wedding because the couple was living together before they were married and everyone knew it. I guess his dad is higher up in the faith. There are some other things that remind me of JWs. His family is very black and white in their thinking and for a while they shunned him and his fiancee because they were living together. In the end the family went to the wedding only and not the reception. His parents said that they would not help with the wedding financially that they stuck to. They only went to the wedding and left right away.

  • jwfacts

    Hi Barry,

    I am looking forward to your synopsis on whether or not SDAs are a cult/high control religion.

  • wednesday


    Is that you in your avatar? When i see it I think of the actor who played in "9 to 5"( the boss of the 3 ladies who worked in the office.) I hear his voice when I read your posts. lol

  • poppers

    I think Barry's avatar is John Cleese of Monty Python/Fawlty Towers fame. Correct me if I am wrong, Barry.

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