Seventh Day Adventists

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    For anyone who was wondering, I whipped this up to show why Jehovah's Witnesses seem somewhat similar to Seventh-Day Adventists. The link to Baptists is somewhat tenuous but Miller was a Baptist so it seemed appropriate. Also keep in mind that while Second Adventists are often referred to as Millerites, Miller just kinda said what a lot of people all over the world were already thinking--he was just the movement's biggest champion.

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    I am become death, the destroyer of threads.

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    JW facts to answer youre question about being a high control group the situation is like this. There isnt the same control over people in the SDAs. In a typical church there may be a large group that have their own meetings on a tuesday night but faithfully go to church on the weekend and pay a tithe [ 10% of their income to the church]. they may call themselves "The Concerned Bretherine". Their may be still another group who beleive differently in some areas to the first group who also have their own meetings and are more concerned with the protestant doctrine of " righteousness by faith". Their may be a group including the minister that are what we might call liberals.

    The first group may want to control the church but cant because they havent got the numbers in fact if they did they would make the church into something that resembles the WT society. Overall there is usually a sort of balance where everyones opinion can be heard. Something the way the rest of society has people of different but hopfully everyone contributes.

    With the diversity there is no way to have the sort of control the WT society has if the things I read here are correct.

    Often when new SDA publications and books are published they are claimed by one group or the other to be hericy. This happened when Questions on Doctrine was printed in the 50S

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