This news will be old news ...........tomorrow

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  • Cabin in the woods
    Cabin in the woods

    Dateline was very inclusine. This could actually open up the the information regarding pedophilia world wide in their files and inside the computer system of the org. itself. Every congregation has to send the results of all JCs there . They will see how many admitted to committing pedophilia and because of the good attitude were allowed to walk away laughing. Plus all the other ped. cases and the threats to the victims.


  • buffalosrfree

    I wonder if the Police Dept. their in Middleton has an email address or phone # posted??? It might be nice to email phone them from someone who has the info about the supposed file of 23,000 peds in it. If this is correct it could open up a whole pandoras box of trouble for the society any takers.


    The purpose in alerting the press is not for "Joe J-Dub" to "get it"!!!!

    The purpose is to make the public aware that the J-Dubs are not what they claim to be, to protect the public from being sucked into this horrid cult, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, to protect the children THEIRS AND THE J-DUBS.

    Perhaps when more light is shed on these cockroaches, then perhaps the Child Protective Services will begin to look into the J-Dubs and their "files."

  • kwr

    What is the Cano issue?

  • RachelHall

    What we really should be waiting for is to see what the WTS will do with this Bethalite who was caught and exposed. Will they disfellowship him or just ship him off to a branch office in Mexico?

  • looking_glass

    When I brought this up to my mom, her comment was what I figure most JWs will say "some times Jah tests us. we just have to rely on him" To which I asked, so if you found out that when I was a kid I was molested by a JW like Cano, her response was "I would go over to his house (or his room at bethel) and whack off his b*lls and hand them to him" I asked her what she would do then when she got DF'd for her conduct, she said that she would continue to go to the hall and eventually be reinstated. Let me tell you as as a person who has members of their family that are JWs, until they are ready to accept the religion for the man-made belief system that it is, there will be no changing them regardless of what come out about the org. I refuse to bet my head against the wall by trying to convince people who are determined to convince ME otherwise. I will save my breath to cool my soup.

  • Mysterious

    I'd love to know what the buzz is in the old congregation. I remember the announcements not to watch the dateline show and all that, wonder what they are saying this time.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    You're so right - and dubs are not allowed a long-term memory, lol. Got this from Guardian site (for anyone interested in doing so).......

    To arrange interviews with Guardian staff, please contact:

    Sarah Jones
    [email protected]

    Diane Heath
    [email protected]

  • fullofdoubtnow
    The Guardian on the UK should know about this news!

    They know already, we sent it to them earlier today, and a few other national daily papers in the UK as well. I hope ot gets printed somewhere, I will let you all know if it does.

  • vitty

    Well done fullofdoubt............

    You can also e-mail sky news with interesting stories, this programme is shown throughout europe

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