What Are "Unfair" Things JWs Made You Do?

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  • minimus

    Just because groups do it, it doesn't mean it's unnatural. I grew up in the city. And besides knocking on and disturbing people who hate to see you, JWs are considered truly annoying. JWs know that before knocking on a door. You think it's natural to WANT to be aggravating to strangers? They hate being bothered on a Sunday morning. Sorry, but I disagree with yoou, Daniel.

  • daniel-p

    Hey, minimus, I'm not trying to defend JWs going door-to-door, but I just don't think anyone going door-to-door must be crazy or doing something "unnatural." Its just comical to me. I hated doing it just as much as the next apostate, I didn't want to bother people especially in the early morning or out in rural neighborhoods. I guess I just don't understand your use of th word "unnatural." Anyway, its just nitpicking - didnt mean to send your thread off track.

  • undercover
    What Are "Unfair" Things JWs Made You Do?

    Well, if you ask a JW, no one is "making" them do anything...they're doing it because they want to.

    What is hard to explain to someone who's never gone through it, is that we were indotrinated and conditioned to respond a certain way and to believe that we were in control and making our own decisions.

    I hated field service...despised it. But yet I did it. I convinced myself that I wanted to do it, because it made Jehovah happy. Well, now I know that was all bullshit. I did it because I was told that it was expected if I wanted to survive Armageddon. Guilt and fear is what made me go.

    Looking back we can say, "they made us" do this or do that, but if you're in discussions with a JW, they'll never admit that they are being "made" or coerced to do anything. They've been conditioned to respond to us as wacko apostates who have left the true worship. Didn't we do the same thing? Now we know better, but until someone is willing to listen, really listen, to opposing viewpoints and consider that maybe, just maybe, that they could be wrong, they'll never accept anything other than what they already believe.

  • karen96

    Hi all! Been a while since I've been on. I had a couple things that seemed unfair at the time:

    When Elder So and So and his wife transferred to our cong, he said I would now study with his wife instead of the sister I had been (who went to another cong). I thought "let her get her own BS's!

    Then when I married my (now ex) husband, who was a MS, this same brother told me they wanted to make him an elder but couldn't because I did not comment at the meetings! I went to the PO with this one, and he backed off. I hate public speaking, even from the audience!

    Last one, was my (now ex) elder husband felt since he was both elder and husband, he could sit in my judicial hearing. This guy would screw scripture any which way to fit his agenda!


  • QueenBee

    Being 17 years old and sitting in front of three old perverts and being told that I HAD to answer explicit questions about a sexual experience. And, oh yeah, these questions were asked with my FATHER in the room (nice. And people wonder why I think I need therapy).

    Being told that my Dad couldn't be an elder because I wasn't in good standing--even though I didn't live with my parents at the time.

    FIELD SERVICE!!!!!! My friends and I used to "air" knock on most of the doors in neighborhood.

  • joe_black

    I don't know if knocking on doors is unnatural or not, but knocking on doors on holidays such as Christmas and Thankgiving(USA) is sooooooo wrong. I realized how intrusive and arrogant that was only after I had been out a couple years, thought I was saving them from the evil Christmas demon! lol

  • blondie

    Actually, the things JWs made me do don't compare to what my non-JW abusive father made me and my siblings do. I guess going d2d was better than staying home alone with my non-JW father and being molested.


  • Sparkplug

    Actually, the things JWs made me do don't compare to what my non-JW abusive father made me and my siblings do. I guess going d2d was better than staying home alone with my non-JW father and being molested.



    I am sorry this happened to you. I saw your happiness rate was 300 today, so it must be put into a good perspective? Decki

  • greendawn

    They wouldn't allow people to express their opinions regarding the doctrines and history of the WTS, having dissenting views meant getting marginalised or expelled. That was too dictatorial.

  • Hecklerboy

    Stop dating pioneer sister I was really interested in because I wasn't baptised yet. Funny thing is I knew more about JW teaching than she did.

    Field Service - man did I hate that. I would start getting nervouse days before we went.

    I never did shun disfellowshipped ones or stop associating with my "worldly" friends.

    I didn't mind the TMS. I'm a great public speaker and still give presentation on career day at the local high school.

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