The quantum of cruelty - were they that way without the JW?

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  • itsallgoodnow

    Nice thread. I'm thinking it's probably different for everyone.

    It probably makes nicer people act in ways they normal wouldn't, and provides a self-righteous "reason" for a controlling, hateful person to act the way they do.

    It's amazing how treacherous people get with their loved ones over this stupid religion. I just hope that someday my family will see it for what it truly is. But if or when they do, I'm not sure I will ever find myself in their good graces. I don't think anything I could ever do would put me in that position. If I didn't look just like these people, I would be certain I was switched at birth from a normal family.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    There are plaenty of nice JWs. I don't think it is the religion that makes them nice though. I think they would be nice regardless of what beliefs they held.

    But those who throw their bitterness and anger at life will find plenty of justification for hurting others they deem unworthy. The WTS makes it acceptable.


    I also believe that "really mean people" who become JWs do so in order to absolve themselves (in their own minds and in the minds of their JW peers) of responsibility for their actions. They excuse their meanness and abuse by saying that it is necessary to meet God's Requirements™, or that they are following the Bible™, etc.
    B I N G O
  • looking_glass

    Don't you think that some of it is also the cycle of feeling bad. For the person who cannot experience happiness for whatever reason, they don't want a religion that is about good and happy. They must find a religion that is all about bad ... i.e., you are bad (because you do not follow the bible like I think you should) ... I am bad (because I am imperfect and no matter what I do it will never be good enough) ... the world is bad (therefore hate them all) etc.

    It gives them something to feel. As humans we must feel something. Even the person that is empty or hollow of feelings, will eventually have an overload and experience the feelings. The JW belief system is set up for people who feed on negative not positive. There is more bad news in the religion then there is good. To me the religion is made of up of the cycle of bad.

  • DHL
    My conjecture is this: perhaps there is something going on with the JW culture which actually attracts really mean people to this religion.

    I would like to add something: Restrictive religions attract people with low self esteem. Such people don't believe they are making good decisions themselves but want to be told what to do. So on one hand they love to be controlled. But every medal has two sides to it. So they want power, too. And for people with low self esteem the only way to feel powerful is to debase others. Kiss the butt of the ones you think are above you and kick the ones you think are below you.

  • sass_my_frass

    I certainly think that there are many people who are the 'kind' to 'need' something like WBTS to make them happy. Many people want a god-in-a-box - they can't be arsed working god out for themselves so they defer this decision to people who've convinced them that they're qualified. Among them are the regular quotient of power players and control freaks who know how to manipulate the weak using somebody else's rules. Add all that up and you've got yourself a successful cult!

  • DannyHaszard

    people imitate the god that they worship!

    The Watchtower is run by psychopaths

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