People calling me... >.<

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  • Garrett

    OH MY GOD!

    I've just about had enough. It is currently almost midnight where I live and I have now been spammed 3 times in a row by an unknown number. First my home phone and then my cell phone.

    I am 100% sure it is someone from the congregation because no one else has my number, only a handful of people do. I'm starting to get anxiety and panic attacks every time the phone rings now.

    Who calls someone at MIDNIGHT??!! What nerve...

  • GrreatTeacher
    Turn off the ringer! I turn off the ringer every night after 10pm. No use allowing someone to disturb your sleep.
  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    Your cell phone should have a number displayed telling who called or their number, or it will read private caller at least. If not, then do the ringer off routine. Star 69 the land line at midnight yourself.
  • brandnew
    Block em, * 69 em , *77 em, turn off the ringer, you can also block unlisted numbers...its an app called Blockit. House phone is the *77 thingy. Good luck...try em.
  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I am 100% sure it is someone from the congregation because no one else has my number

    Perhaps it is a JW. But when you have phone numbers, anybody can call them. About a fourth of my calls are wrong numbers.

  • ToesUp
    Don't panic. They are just people. Don't give them control. Play your cards right and ignore them. They will give up eventually.
  • rebel8

    Answer it.

    "Thank you for calling the Church of Satan. Please press 666 to talk to a customer service representative. Your call will automatically be traced and recorded if you do not press 666 within the next 2 seconds." <heavy breathing and maniacal laughter, with haunted house noises in the background>

    Or, "Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Elders' Hotline." <sound of Kingdumb Smelodies in the background> "Para continuar en Espanol, oprima uno. Press 2 if you are an reporting an instance of oral sex, press 3 for consorting with apostates, press 4 for blood transfusions, press 5 for YMCA membership, press 6 for tight pants, press 7 for Sparlock, press 8 for deaf masturbation, press 9 for UN involvement."

  • Garrett

    @rebel8 Wow best idea EVER! Haha I should actually make that my voicemail xD

    To everyone saying it could be anyone - They called my home on a blocked number, then when that didn't work they called my cell phone (back to back) So I doubt someone dialed both my home phone and cell number "by accident".

    I'll have to google "77" and see what the equivalent is for the country I live in.

    @Toesup Thanks :) I think it's just the indoctrination kicking up. I'm sure it will fade with time, but right now I feel I'm still in a delicate state of mind when it comes to the congregation members.

  • berrygerry

    For aeons, I have had 2 "land-lines" (not really land-lines, as they are VOIP phones - dirt-cheap). One is publicized, the other is unlisted.

    All of the calls from the listed number go to voicemail. (This includes banks, employers, businesses, etc.)

    Only very trusted people have the unlisted number.

    Even fewer have my cellphone,

    I was always reticent to complete the disaster relief form (I never did turn one in), as it is just another harvesting method of the borg.

    If anything is severely compromised, time for a new number (same with email.).

  • Xanthippe
    I still occasionally get those calls where I pick the phone up and no-one speaks. After 26 years they want to know if I still live here. Crazy cultists.

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