BIG JW PEDO NEWS in switzerland

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    "BRUSSELS Condemned for sordid facts of rapes, Daniel P. and Nadine NR. formed a couple of witnesses of Jéhovah. "

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    Such sick people.

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    Jehovah's Witness Convicted


    For 20 years, Daniel molested children and his wife knew it was happening. Tens of victims

    BRUSSELS - Convicted for sordid abuse rape, and crimes against children, Daniel P. and Nadine NR were a married couple and active Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Yesterday, Daniel P. sentenced to six years of hard prison time, his wife Nadine was sentenced to three years probation.

    Their atrocities against children were of an extreme gravity. For example: molestation of eleven minor children, seven convictions of abuse using the internet as well as two rapes. According to the charges filed by law enforcement, around 20 children were victimized by the couple. Many of the victims remained silent and were afraid to come forward. Some of the abuses were spread out over a twenty year period of time.

    The perversions of Daniel did not have any limit. But what is even more shocking
    is the passivity of his wife. Nadine NR. Nadine openly confessed to having
    witnessed many of the abuses and kept silent. She acknowledged hearing children groan and scream when they were forcibly raped and molested. She confessed to seeing her husband sexually aroused in the presence of children when in the same room.

    Nadine stated she did not like sex and viewed the children as a replacement for
    her husband's perversions in the marital bed. According to her statements, she
    forgives her husband and wants to continue the marriage at the end of the court
    proceedings. At present this will be for a while as the only visitation will be
    in prison.

    The case first was reported in May 2005 when two young women filed abuse charges against the couple. The first case of abuses goes back to 1986. The couple had a good image in the community. They often volunteered to baby sit children when the parents were at work.

    Over the years, Daniel P. operated like a predator and adapted his techniques
    for seducing children. He used the internet as a way of approaching children
    passing himself off as a teenager to set up meetings with young girls. When the
    teenage girls would meet him he would pretend to be the uncle picking them up to arrange the meeting and get them to go with him.

    Daniel tried to discount the charges against him by blaming his wife and saying
    the victims was promiscuous. The defense was not accepted due to the ages of his victims being as young as four years of age. He also tried to blame law
    enforcement for further crimes due to not catching him sooner. The jury did not
    accept this defense.

    Yesterday, before the jury, a victim presented testimony. In some of the cases
    charges could not be filed due to the statue of limitations being expired, it
    was hard for the victims to accept. One victim committed suicide when the matter
    was revealed, the parents were distraught. They wondered what extent their
    child was molested by Daniel as the child revealed few details.

    Philippe Boudart

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