Well my weekend is most probably going to suck ......

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  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    The Witness- in -laws are coming for a visit . My hubby has slowly been getting use to the idea of never stepping into the Hall ever again , he no longer feels guilty about missing meetings, and made no plans to attend summer convention . He has not asked me to tell him any of the research I have done (I think he really fears to know the real truth ). He basically is just sick of the hypocritical attitudes people have in our hall. But now I wonder what will happen if his parents pressure him to make a stand . I think I should play it cool . Which with my big mouth will not be easy . My plan is to be pleasant. When questioned about meetings I will tell them it is our persoal decision, and would rather not discuss reasons with them ...Do you think it will work ?

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Discuss amongst yourselves. I'm going to bed , it is already tomorrow !

  • Mysterious

    I always find that difficult since JWs have a one track mind when it comes to conversation...the last assembly was so encouraging, brother so and so gave such a good talk last sunday...when were we our in service we...

    That's what I find hard about being around people who are still JWs..they have nothing else to talk about and sometimes I'm not sure if they are being antagonistic or if they simply just have nothing else to talk about.

  • Highlander

    Just imagine if the Band Camp girl in the movie American Pie was a J-dub. Instead of beginning each conversation with the famous "This one time, in band camp, we..... "

    It would now be, "This one time, in field service, we..... "

    You're right,, J-dubs seem to have nothing else to talk about except. 'this one time, in field service, we.... "

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    Whenever they attempt to bring up your lack of meeting attendance...I would say.

    My reasons for not attending are personal and I do not want to stumble you, but do not doubt that I still love Jehovah. Now may we please change the subject?

    Since they are staying with you I would keep it pleasant and non-confrontational.

    The best anti-witness is to be calm and loving....

    Best Regards,


  • sass_my_frass

    Absolutely: stay calm, and quiet. Can you keep them busy, by getting them out of the house and in places that they can't have awkward conversations? That's what I'd be doing, just counting the hours down to when I can turn off the smiley face again. It's just 48 hours hon, just hold out.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Good Morning , . Well my own little bit of good luck in this whole thing is that they will be staying @ another family members house, and have other relatives to visit . Father in law is an Elder pioneer, but really quite a nice guy . Mother in law thinks it's up to her to fix everyone else's preceived problems. I just want to stay under the radar if at all possible . Rest of the Witness family should be away to a convention so hopefully no sudden gang witnessing to worry about. I just don't want them to pressure my husband into a guilt trip. Or worse yet try to get the Elders here to shepard us !

  • jstalin

    Talk to hubby about it. Plan your response together.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Yes I think that is good advice for us to discuss our response. Yet my husband is an avoider big time. He has never even told me how he feels about my decision to stop attending meetings . He just found it easier to go along with what I am doing , but really has never come to any researched conclusions on his own . I openly now leave the history on the computer because I want him to know how to find this site . I'm not for sure, but I would guess he has lurked here a bit (?).He has never said anything to me . I also told him if he wants to read any material I have looked up, and printed out the folder is in my desk drawer .

  • juni

    Good advice jstalin!

    Some people have a hard time w/confrontation. But if both of you approach it like you had stated, "It's our personal choice and it is not open for discussion" that's all that needs to be said. Nothing confrontational, but lays it on the line. You had asked, "Will it work"? Of course it will work because you don't give them any other choice. But it will involve both of you taking a firm stand to set your boundaries.

    Best to you both.


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