Well my weekend is most probably going to suck ......

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  • Scully
    When questioned about meetings I will tell them it is our persoal decision

    Do they even know that you haven't been to meetings? If they know, you could say "Well, since you're the ones bringing this up, are you sure you are prepared to hear the honest answer to your question? Because if you don't want to hear it, then I suggest we change the subject."

    If they don't know, they may not even bring it up.

    In the case of my own JW relatives, they knew we weren't going to meetings, yet they never asked about it or even tried to encourage us to go back. Not once in over a decade. They just took it upon themselves to treat us as though we were DFd, even though we weren't.

  • LovesDubs

    Im thinking even with the best layed plans this is going to get ugly. If they are there for the weekend there isnt anywhere you can go to get away from what inevitably will be a WHY ARENT YOU DOING WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO? confrontation. You can only plead menstrual cramps for so long if you know what I mean.

    I dont know about you but I get a stomach ache just thinking about having to deal with that. I believe in the long run it only puts off the inevitable...you being shunned even if you arent officially DAd or DFd. There is always the "spiritual endangerment" and "bad association" or "conduct unbecoming a Christian" they can hang their hats on to punish you.

    There is some relief in that drama and heartache being over...even if it isnt a happy ending. At least you can begin to live and heal.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    The last time I talked to them on the phone it came out that we have stopped attending meetings . She wanted to know if I had DA'd myself .I told her no that I just didn;t want to put up with the guilt and fear anymore and I wanted to try being happy for a while . She tried to tell me to pray more attend another hall ect..ect...I told her we really don't need to discuss this it is personal and left it at that .She asked about her son and I said he is free to do what he wants, and right now he and my youngest son have choosen non attendance also.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Update .....The relatives arrived last night . On the way over to see them I asked my Husband what stand would he take when they start in on why we arn't going to meetings anymore . He said he just wasn't going to say anything .( he is really good at totally ignoring peoples questions .) The only thing was, I saw he was starting to tear up when he was thinking about it .I think he really misses going .He only stopped because of me. The thing is I feel for him...... BUT I am not going back to ease his conscience. They already are planning on going to meeting tonight to see their old friends , thank goodness he has to work late.

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